Sunday, September 30, 2012

Issues with Guild Wars 2 Riches navigation bar are on Google's end.

I have received numerous e-mails pointing out that the navigation bars links are currently not working.  I dug into it a bit and I can report that it is an issue with Blogger & Google.  It is classified as a "Known Issue" in this thread and hopefully it will be fixed quickly.  For the time being I will create page links for these so you all can still get to the forum, chat room and various sponsors that support this site.

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Going to be working on the site tonight. It may look a little funky for a while.

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you guys know that I will be working on the site for the next few hours so it may look goofy at times.  Sorry for the trouble.  It will be running as normal within a few hours.

Hope you all are having a great weekend.


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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Bag Strategy (continued)

Place your orders, open your bags, reap your rewards. If you are interested in learning more about the salvageable bag strategy presented in yesterday's post then I have got some interesting numbers for you. If you have no idea what I'm talking about please refer to this video in yesterday's post and read on. I'm Josh from the GW2 ShoddyCast Channel and this will be my first of many posts here on GW2Riches. Enjoy!
We know the weekend is the busiest time for our Trading Post. That's why last weekend I deemed it appropriate to really put this bag strategy through its paces and see exactly what bag types, if any, could make me a profit. Out of 14 bags types I ran 28 tests; the first test where I purchase 25 bags, and the second where I purchase 100. The factor you'll want to focus on in these trials are the percentages as they measure a bag type's ROI (return on investment). Here were the highlights of my results: 

x 25 @ 20c/each - Small Stolen Supplies Bag

Revenue: 10s 72c
-Cost:         5s 
-List Fee:        52c
-Sale Fee: 1s   7c
= Profit       4s 11c (+38.3%)

x 100 @ 22c/each - Small Stolen Supplies Bag

Revenue: 34s 25c
-Cost:       22s 
-List Fee:   1s 71c
-Sale Fee: 3s 43c
= Profit       7s 11c (+20.8%)
Observations: Between these two tests of the Small Stolen Bags only ~15 minutes passed. Someone upped the buy order by 2 copper which obviously had an effect on my profit margin. Unless it is part of some crazy strategy you cooked up,don't over-cut peoples' buy orders. It only hurts the market you are dealing in.
x 25 @ 38c/each - Medium Ritual Bag

Revenue: 15s 99c
-Cost:       9s   50c
-List Fee:        80c
-Sale Fee: 1s 60c
= Profit       4s   9c (+25.6%)
x 100 @ 38c/each - Medium Ritual Bag

Revenue: 60s 40c
-Cost:       38s 
-List Fee:   3s   2c
-Sale Fee: 6s   4c
= Profit       13s 34c (+22.1%)
Observations: After the Medium Ritual Bag's passed the 100 bag test above I was able to milk it for all it was worth. A good portion of my profit made that weekend came from this particular bag type. That was until someone upped the buy order price yet again a few hours later to 50 copper a bag! I don't know what that person was thinking, but I'm sure he found himself falling short when it came to profit.  50 copper a bag might have worked some other day, but that day the market was saying "no". Profiting from the bag strategy is just as much about the price you get the bags at as it is about how much you get for the crafting materials inside of them. In other words no one should read this post and think "I'll go buy 500 Medium Ritual Bags at 38 copper a piece". The price of crafting materials found in a Medium Ritual Bag may have dropped considerably since last weekend. You must test bags yourself on any given day, and make sure your gains are 20% or more to help protect you from any unforeseen variables; like luck for instance, which we will see at work in the next test. 
x 25 @ 24c/each - Small Miner's Bag

Revenue: 14s 35c
-Cost:         6s 
-List Fee:        72c
-Sale Fee: 1s 44c
= Profit       6s 19c (+43.1%)

x 100 @ 25c/each - Small Miner's Bag

Revenue: 36s 14c
-Cost:       25s 
-List Fee:   1s 81c
-Sale Fee: 3s 72c
= Profit       5s 72c (+15.8%)
Observations: "You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table. There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealin's done." Kenny was right. At the end of the 25 bag test for these Small Miner's Bags I was smiling ear to ear thinking I had found the bag that will make me rich overnight. Lucky for me I'm not that dense, so I ran a 100 bag test on the same bags.15.8% return!?! What gives? Luck, that's what. Imagine what would have happened if I had went "all in" prematurely and the return came back negative? That's why you'll want to make sure to run at least a 100 bag test before staking your fortune on a bag type.
I hope you find my trials informative! Now get out there and tinker with this developing strategy and don't forget to post your findings in the comments below so we can all benefit! Speaking of benefit, if you liked this week's episode tune in every Thursday for more episodes of ShoddyCast's Gold Guru posted right here on GW2Riches. And please, show your support and Subscribe!

GW2 Trading Post Calc
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Friday, September 28, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Booty Bag Strategy with analysis.

Not all the markets and Guild Wars 2 are obvious. The ones that are obvious, at this point, have profit margins that leave zero opportunities. Crafting for profit has very few opportunities as well. In most cases when you buy the ingredients for an item and then craft that item you'll find that putting it up on the trading post is actually less profitable than just dumping it to a vendor. You've heard me say on numerous occasions that the Guild Wars 2 player base has adopted this vendor price +1 copper mentality. There is no doubt at this point that making gold is a little tougher than we thought it was going to be, but there are markets that still exist. Today is one that may not get you wealthy overnight, but it does leave you the opportunity to make gold.

Today's tip deals with the buying of bags from the trading post. (There is a fantastic podcast known as "ShoddyCast" which just covered this yesterday on their latest episode as well.  It is in the video to the left.) The strategy itself is very simple. All you have to do is buy bags off of the trading post, open them, and craft items from those items or sell them on the trading post for a profit. I have tried a few different bags from the trading post and I can tell you that the one I found to be most profitable is the Bag of Booty. Before I go any further in the strategy I really have to emphasize that getting it for the right price is crucial. Making gold using this strategy isn't as easy as just hopping on the trading post in buying it at whatever price it is currently listed at. On average I've seen the beta booty listed for around 50 copper – most days even a bit more than that. If you were to go and buy it at 50 copper you would more than likely lose money. Instead you need to place purchase orders for them at around 40 to 45 copper.

This strategy, just like all the others, rely heavily on what you get the crafting materials for. You always want to get them for the lowest possible price you can. This is an some great revelation–it's just common sense. This is much more significant in this situation because the profit margin is still pretty slim. The big-money relies almost entirely on the game of chance that you will get the most profitable items which can be found within the bag itself.

A simple search on the Guild Wars 2 wiki would tell you exactly what can be obtained by opening a bag of booty. The thing they don't tell you is the ratios at which items are dropped from them if you were to open them up. There are a ton of other variables that exist, but I tried to get a semi-accurate cross-section of what you can expect if you were to open up a certain amount of these bags.

To get a representation of what you can expect I opened up 100 bags of booty. These numbers would very just about every time, but I would say out of the four times that I did this the numbers that you see here are pretty close average of what you can expect. The way I did this I bought four sets of 100. I cleared my inventory out opened 100 bags and documented what I had obtained. Then I repeated this three more times.

Here's what I found.

x 100 - Bag of Booty

Sticks of Butter x 34
Cotton Scraps x 24
Claws x 6
Fangs x 10
Bones x 6
Vials Of Blood x 3
Scales x 5
Venom Sac x 13
Coarse Leather Sections x 16
Oranges x 21
Chocolate Bar x 17
Piles Of Radiant Dust x 6
Totems x 4

I can't really tell you whether or not it's going to be profitable for you every time because the prices of these bags are always changing as well as the prices of the items you receive from them. I can tell you that based on the prices at the time of the items I was receiving from the bags I could actually make money by only opening the bags and reselling all of the items within them. I bought 100 bags and made an investment of about 45 silver. After everything was sold I had brought in a little over 65 silver.

So as to not insult you by doing simple math I will just tell you that I was making on average about 10 silver per 100 bags I was opening. If you are hard up for gold this is a fantastic strategy to follow. It's incredibly easy and it only takes a small amount of gold to get into. Based on the prices at the time if you've got anything over one gold you can get into this strategy quite easily.

I hope this helps some of you people who are trying to make gold get a decent foothold to move forward on. Most strategies don't get much easier than this!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guild Wars 2 magic find guide. Increase your riches by understanding the +Magic Find stat.

Guild Wars 2 Magic Find guide to help you make gold
Guild Wars 2 Magic Find
Ever since Guild Wars 2 launched earning gold has proven to be quite difficult. Rather than platy auction house and make easy money most of us have had to resort to other strategies which involve taking less profits and repeating the task over and over again. While that sounds quite boring it does actually end up making us quite a bit of gold. Then there are other tips which exist where you can make gold for just playing the game. Today's gold making tip actually piggybacks off of that a little bit and gets into the idea of making more gold while you farm just by utilizing the stat +Magic Find.

A lot of this information comes courtesy of Reddit & The Official Guild Wars 2 Forums so if you prefer to read it from there you certainly can.  There was also a post written on the topic by a fellow gold blogger at Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide so be sure to check those out as well.

What is +Magic Find?

Magic find is the stat that improves your chance of picking up more rare items.  The best explanation that I've found is from a Reddit post covering all the finer details on the use of +Magic Find.
It is believed that all your bonuses to the stats are added up and that modifies the drop tables. So if you have 2 bonuses of 50% magic find for example you would end up with 100% magic find. So if a mob had a 5% to drop a 'fine' quality crafting ingredient or piece of equipment that chance would be doubled to 10%. I must caution that this is not fact and still being tested, because current smaller tests seem to indicate that magic find is actually more effective that what is described above as this small sample seems to indicate:
Level 40~ skales.
50 kill sample - 0% MF - 6/50 dropped bloods.
50 kill sample - 20% MF - 11/50 dropped bloods.
50 kill sample - 63% MF - 21/50 dropped bloods.
Make gold through buffing your Magic Find Stat.

There are a few easy ways to get a boost to your +Magic Find stat.  The easiest is with a cooking item called the Omnomberry Bar.  The Omnomberry Bar actually gives you another boost as well which is fantastic for people that are farming mobs for crafting materials or just gold.  The full description for this item is:
Nourishment (30m): 30% Magic Find 40% Gold from Monsters +10 Experience from kills.
In regards to making gold this is a huge leg up, but you do have to be killing mobs to get it.  So if you are going to be farming for things like Vial of Blood or Claws you gain an additional benefit to farming for those if you just utilize an Omnomberry Bar.

How to identify gear with +Magic Find on it

Now--there are more ways to buff up your +Magic Find stat than just eating foods too.  You can also obtain gear which has it on it.  You can always tell which gear will have +Magic Find because it will have the prefix "Explorer" or "Travelers" on it.

Runes with +Magic Find on them (Reddit)
The following Runes/Sigils are the only ones in the game that provide a buff to your +Magic Find statistic.  Couple them with proper gear as well as a Omnomberry Bar and you will have a significant boost to the point where you will see a noticeable increase to the amount of gold you earn from killing mobs.

Magic find is a very powerful stat if you choose to utilize it.  The difference between not using it and using it is  significant enough that farming without it becomes much less profitable.  I would even go as far as saying it may be wise to look into setting up farming gear for when you go out and try to farm crafting items.  You're still going to get that same amount of items, but you will find yourself with a few Blue, Green or Yellow items as an added bonus which can only increase your profit margins.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

With Both Feet: Trading Post Rage (Plus Profit Margins)

Hi, my name is Sam, and I’m enraged.

Over the past few days, I have been growing more and more frustrated with ArenaNet’s apparent dislike of financiers in their marketplace. Coming from Guild Wars 1, I was assuming that Guild Wars 2 would have more support than most other games have for investors and savvy businessmen to make some money through methods that are not grinding daily events or farming trolls, however, this assumption could not be any further from the truth. With the lack of a trading system and/or a C.O.D. system in the mail, the only method of buying or selling items is through the Trading Post, and with a 15% cut on all items you sell on the trading post, I believe that there is currently no real support for investors to make money.

The easiest solution I have found is to simply increase the margins I’m willing to work on. Instead of operating on a 17/18% profit margin, I work on a 30+% profit margin.* This drastic increase in the amount of money I would need to make to pull the trigger on a purchase makes it much easier for me to dodge circumstances where I might have to take a loss to get my money out of the assets I was investing in. Earlier this week, I ran into a situation where I bought White Dyes for about 1.40 each, but there was a huge demand for Abyss dyes that I was not able to meet since I had invested so heavily into White. In the end, I had to TP my white dyes, take a 15 silver loss on each one to buy the Abyss dyes so I could meet the demand, costing me a fair amount of profit after the final transactions. It is definitely not easy to operate on bloated margins, but it is how I have been staying afloat for now.

What I propose, and what I hope the fine readers will be willing to follow through with, is an adaptation of the current mail system as a method for buying and selling items, using map chat in Lion’s Arch as the vehicle for advertising your goods until, either, ArenaNet lowers their TP costs, introduces a COD system, introduces a Trade system, or another site begins to offer those things (similar to GuildWarsGuru’s auction system on their site (not GW2guru, the O.G. guru)). By utilizing mail trading on the policy that the person with the gold will send first (just as if you bought something off EBay or from a store, you pay first then receive the item), we can hope to create a large enough market that ArenaNet is forced to support it. Now, I do understand the inherent risk that goes along with using the mail system, so I appeal that nobody sells any item or attempts to buy any item for an amount that they would be absolutely crippled by losing. (Don’t go chasing Jack-A-Lopes) Instead, keep it small, but show ANet that the demand is there.

As an extra part of today’s article, since a lot of this was just me raging, I want to teach you all how to calculate your profit margins. In the article, I stated I use a 30% profit margin. To be clear, I do not include the 15% TP cut as part of my margin, but I take it into consideration when I choose a final number.
So, to calculate your profit margin, the general formula is profits divided by revenue. In the example I showed, I wanted to make 30% profit margin on dyes that cost 1.50 each.
Now we hit the math.
If we let profit = x, then the formula to calculate profit margin is (x) / (x+1.5) = .3
Solve for x:
x = .3*(x+1.5)
x=about .64
What this means is that my profit on the item has to be about .64 or 64 silver on each dye to hit my 30% profit margin. The next question you have to answer is if your item will sell at the point provided by your profit margin, if your profit margin actually generates a profit due to the 15% TP overhead. To calculate this, you take your revenue (the amount you sell each item for, in this case the 1.5 we originally paid + the .64 we’re adding on to hit our margin) and compare it to the trading post’s current offer. At the time I was running white dyes, they were around 2.1-2.2 each, so this margin was completely reasonable. Next, you calculate if you generate a profit using your margin. To calculate this, take the amount you’ll sell each item (2.14) multiply by .85 to find the amount after subtracting the .15 or 15% TP cut (answer: 1.81) and subtract that by your initial loss per item (1.5) to see what your actual profit is per item (.31).
We did a lot of work there, so let me try to boil it down into simple steps.

To find a gross profit given a profit margin and a cost/item:
profits  / (profits + cost (also known as gross revenue)) = profit margin, solve for profits
To find whether your profit margin is reasonable or produces items too high to sell:
gross revenue - current tp price, if your answer is positive, it won’t sell, if your answer is negative, it will.
To find whether your profit margin generates a profit:
(Gross revenue * .85) - initial cost = positive is a profit, negative is a loss

Now you know the math to calculate your profit margins, and you thought you’d never use Algebra 2 in your life.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Insignia's are worth their weight in silver.

The following is a Guest post from one of the amazing members of our forum. Pixii is one of our regular contributors and she often has great analysis like this--something you don't see on other sites.  Join in on the discussion when you're done reading today's post.  Join our forum.

Insignias are used as components in crafting. Trophies and standard materials are used to create these Insignias. When leveling your craft, check the prices of your Insignias. Sometimes it's better to sell the Insignia on the Trading Post than it is to use the Insignia to craft an item. Look at the Insignia prices listed below. They range from 4.00 to 13.50 a piece!

Trading Post values for Embroidered Wool Insignias (Tailoring)
September 24, 2012 at 2:24 PM

Essentially, you want to track the highest selling Insignia that you can currently craft. You can use the profits gained and stay in this margin, or you can use these profits to purchase cheaper materials and continue to level your craft.
We're going to use a Hearty Embroidered Wool Insignia as our example today.


The materials needed to create a Hearty Embroidered Wool Insignia are:- 1 Bolt of Wool
- 5 Spool of Wool Thread
- 8 Small Scales
This past week, the sale values for a Hearty Embroidered Wool Insignia have been as low as 13 silver and as high as 17 silver. When it comes to selling ANYTHING on the Trading Post, timing and patience are everything. Why sell an item for 13, when you can sell it for 17 by just waiting a day?

Spidy Check! Hearty Embroidered Wool Insignia

Some of you may ask the question: "Why not just sell all these materials? Why should I craft the item instead?"
Even though the Trading Post items fluctuate, the crafted Insignia will sell more than the combined trophies and materials used to craft the Insignia. Let's use the following scenario:

You were able to gather 8 Small Scales in 10 minutes.
While farming for 10 minutes, you found 1 item that granted you 2 Wool Scraps when salvaged.
You also found a few trash items that you vendored for 1.79.
You purchased 10 Spools of Wool Thread from a Vendor (-1.60)

On this particular day, Small Scales were selling for 1.45 to the Highest Buyer and 1.65 to the Lowest Seller. 

If you chose to sell the 8 Small Scales, (matching Lowest Seller) you would make 13.20 (you actually make a little less than this when the Trading Post takes it's cut). 

If you chose to sell the Bolt of Wool, you would have made .38, making your overall profits: 13.58
The Trading Post is showing that you can craft a Hearty Embroidered Wool Insignia and sell it for 15.94
Keep in mind, 10 Spools of Wool Thread from a Vendor cost 1.60 - BUT you made 1.79 from Vendor Trash. You can use your Vendor Trash money to purchase the Thread and still have .19 copper in profits! 

The difference in selling the materials versus crafting and then selling the insignia (on this particular day) is: 236!
Every day will be different. Sometimes, you may only make an additional 1 silver, but that's still 1 silver more than you would have had, if you hadn't done a little extra work!

Small Scales are a Tier 2 Trophy. They can be found from water based creatures in a level 25-35 Zone. Gulper Fish and Barracuda tend to drop Small Scales more often than River Drakes, but it's important to kill all three types of monsters since the Drakes also reward you with Small Claws. Make sure you equip up-to-date underwater gear so you can kill groups of mobs quickly. 


Every MMO in the world makes you wait. Auction Houses in previous titles require that your items be purchased by another player in order to make a profit. The allure to sell your items immediately is screaming at you! But do you need that money this very instant? You're already used to waiting, so match the lowest sale value and wait for that extra 5 silver!
Every item listed on the TP can fluctuate dramatically over the course of a few hours! If you know you can sell an item for 17 silver, DON'T sell it for 13 just because the Trading Post gives you that option. Wait an hour or wait a day! Either way, patience is a virtue!
Because the Trading Post takes a 15% cut, it is always better to sell 1 item versus multiple items in bulk.
As always, I hope this post was helpful!

<3 Pixii

Monday, September 24, 2012

Ultimate Free Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide.

Since this site began I have had nearly a hundred gold making tips posted on this site, forums or various other mediums associated with all of my projects.  Can you believe that!?  I wanted to take today and look back at the best ways to make gold in Guild Wars 2.  You could consider this the ultimate Free Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide.  These are all the most popular posts from this site which people have expressed an incredible appreciation for having been able to read. I get many e-mails each week from people and most of them expressing gratitude for what we've done here. The following posts are also the most often referenced ones in the plethora of e-mails I receive.

Take the next eight links in this post and use them to your advantage to make incredible amounts of gold on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post or there is even one which teaches you how you can make gold without the trading post as well!

Ultimate Free Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide.

5 Pillars to gold making success (E-mail subscription)

Double your trading post using one simple strategy. (Strategy has changed a bit, bit it still works)

The current state of the game makes obtaining gold quite difficult. It helps incredibly to have a guide like this where you can refer to whenever you're having those difficulties. My hope is that in the coming weeks and months you can refer to this guide. This FREE guide and at least get an idea of how you can make profits in the markets. In the future I may have to redo this post with some updated strategies that come about. There is just no way to predict how it all the markets are going to function well into the future. Things are always changing due to updates, patches and hot fixes.

I stressed the FREE option because I have already shown you guys last week how most of these paid guides operate. If you didn't see the post I made about Tyria Guide I really suggest you take a look at it because it shows that they are stealing information from hard-working people who are devoted to providing free information. They're stealing for information and then putting it for sale within the pages of their phony guide.

I really want to save you guys from wasting money on a guide like this. I will do any review that I can for paid guides on the site. If you have a guide that you are interested in or you've seen and would like to see a review of get in touch with me through the contact tab on the navigation bar. I will do my best to get in touch with the guides author and do a review for you all. I have done a few already.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Top 5 posts from the Guild Wars 2 community 9/16-9/22

Top 5 posts from the Guild Wars 2 Community
Last week I read a lot of great posts from around the Guild Wars 2 community blogs. Each week I read it seems like hundreds of different posts from around the community and their always giving out wonderful information that can help out players. The best part about them is that not all of them are related to gold making in the game. Some of them just referred a strategies for WvW or even boss fight strategies for PvE. From time to time I like to take a few the post and share them with you all on my site.

Here are five of the best posts I've seen in the last week.

Official World vs World Queue Size Data
Have you ever wondered about how the to system Guild Wars 2 works? Some people from the community took it upon themselves to track a bit of data over the course of the last week and determine some of that information for us. Some of the queues take upwards of an hour for some people so here is a great post which explains the possible theory as to why that happens.

Have you been using magic find when you're playing Guild Wars 2? Case you're wondering met defined as a static knowing your dear which will actually increase the amount of magical gear you can pick up from mobs, dungeons and chests. This makes upgrading your gear much easier over the course of time. Here's a brief post explaining how you can actually make more gold by not ignoring this stat.

STOP Losing Gold On The Trading Post!
This is a tip that I've also written about briefly on my own site, but it needs to be linked to again because it really is important to remember this. If you don't follow it you can actually end up losing gold on the trading post because even if you post an item at a certain price the trading post fees will take so much away that it would actually be more beneficial if you are just to sell it to a vendor.

GuildMag: This Week In Guild Wars 2
this post a similar to what I'm doing here, but they've done it on a much larger scale. Instead of linking to just five they actually link to what seems like hundreds of posts. They do this every week and it's where you find a lot of the great posts and great blogs each week.

Guild Wars 2 Farming Guides
This is one of the few sites that have become specifically focused on making farming guides for Guild Wars 2.  Not only do they cover Guild Wars 2, but they also cover many other MMORPG's as well.  Their database is a bit small at this point.  I would imagine the sites creative members will be adding much more to it in the coming weeks, months and years.

There you have it.  Those were my favorite posts/sites from around the web this week.  I hope you can find them as interesting and useful as I did.  I will try to do this more often in the future for you all.  Lets get right back to work tomorrow with a brand new gold making tip!

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Make gold flipping dyes on the trading post. A guest post from a community member.

Hey would you believe this--I am doing a post on a Saturday! The fall is a very busy time for me and on top of that I'm doing our wedding planning and many other things related to my job in the real world as well. Despite all that I still found time to throw together a post for you guys today. Today's post comes from a user who follows my site and asked me to take a look at his gold making video he posted on YouTube.

I have been using this strategy for a little while and it made a bit of gold off of it since the game launched. The strategy itself is incredibly simple. All you have to do is go onto the trading post and post your by orders for different dyes in the game. Be sure to do the math and multiply your sale price by .85 so you don't end up actually losing money when it's all said and done. When you do the math and you determine that you can resell the item for a profit go ahead and relist it on the trading post.

That's it! That's the entire strategy. Would you believe making gold can be so easy? I explained it very briefly to all just now, but take a minute and watch the video I linked below this to get a better idea what I'm talking about. This strategy also goes for many more items beyond dyes in the game as well so always be on the lookout for potential markets that exist.

Video submitted by zReactiveGamingz

I hope you've all enjoyed this special Saturday Guild Wars 2 gold making tip. With the guest post that I've been having it makes a little bit easier to squeeze in some posts on the weekend for you guys. I'm still not ready to promise a post for you every day the week, but I am definitely working towards that in the future. If any of you are interested in writing some guest post or even writing on a regular basis be sure to get in contact with me through the contact tab in the navigation bar.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Increase your gold making income by 150% or more with two simple tips.

Guild Wars 2 Riches Farming
I would wager a bet that by now you’ve at least taken a look at Guild Wars 2’s crafting disciplines. If you’re like most you have cobbled together a few levels using the materials you’ve obtained through just playing the game as intended. You were able to make a few items and quickly realized that they don’t sell for anything which makes it impossible to actually turn a profit. Don’t worry—you are not alone. This is the case with many players right now. Since buying the commodities on the trading post is currently nothing more than a gold sink most have resorted to farming their own items. You know—the age old practice of going out and slaying River Drakes for their Claws and Vials of Blood? You can spend 15 minutes in a zone and, in some cases; you will walk away with 3-4 of any particular item. Have you encountered this scenario yet? Let me help you a bit today with a few easy tips to increase your farming rate.

The first and the most important tip I can give you is to AOE tag mobs as often as you can when fighting in groups. All professions in the game have an AOE attack of some facet. The reason I say you should do this is because when there are large groups of mobs you will get there drops just by doing a small amount of damage to them. In most cases just a single alien attack will suffice, but you should still use it as often as you possibly can during an encounter. Using this strategy alone I have had the amount of dropped items increase for me, at times, by as much as 200%.

The measure that I generally go off of is in 15 min. increments. When I was not using an AOEtag and fighting large groups of mobs I would expect to pick up anywhere between 3 and 4of any specific item. When I began using AOE tags I saw that number increase to 6 or 7 for each 15 minutes I spent farming. Those numbers are what I would consider the "upper end results" for my farming.

Second tip I want to cover is one that we really don't know for sure whether or not it exists, but there is enough speculation to at least consider it. I'm talking about a system that may, or may not, be built into Guild Wars 2 which is considered an anti-farming code. It is because of this code that I would tell you to keep moving around when you are farming. It is nice to say in one single spot for long periods of time, but supposedly the longer you stay in any one spot you start getting diminished returns no matter how many mobs you are killing.

I do want to emphasize that we don't know for sure whether or not the anti-farming code really does exist. I had a post written up about this but I didn't want to deal in speculation of something like this. I tend to aim more towards physical and realistic gold making tips. The reason I decided to mention this is a gold making tip is for two different reasons. The first is because if the code actually does exist I don't want you to be wasting your time trying to obtain a certain item one is just never going to drop for you. The second reason I brought it up is because really telling you to keep moving is another gold making strategy in and of itself. You could stay in one zone, but if you move around you are more likely to find other ore nodes or even rare mobs which often times give you much better rewards than farming for a specific item.

Using just these two tips you guys should all see a modest increase in the amount of specific drops you are looking to obtain. They'll take any extra work in anyone can use them. If you are farming items for the specific reason of selling them you've just increased their income by upwards of 150%. There are very few gold tips that I can give you that can instantaneously increase your profits by that much.

This just goes to show that not all gold tips have to be intensive and involve a ton of work!

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to make gold without opening the trading post.

Make gold without the trading post.

How have you been doing with gold making? I would bet that just like many others you are having a bit of trouble. It isn’t impossible to make gold by any means, but it is a difficult in the current economic landscape we’re in. The situation we’re in leave razor thin profit margins and the globally shared market make competition more severe than we ever expected. The current sales mentality is pretty amazing to me. People have adopted this vendor +1c sales strategy that makes it pointless to even bother selling most things since vendoring those would give you a greater return. There are many issues with the trading post right now. You would agree with that, right? Well then—for today’s gold making tip let’s not even use the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post!
Here are 3 few ways to make gold without ever opening the trading post:
Run Dungeons - This is going to be the most fun I would imagine. Each time you complete a dungeon you get usually about 20-25 silver. I’m currently level 57 so I can’t speak for anything above where I am at, but they are going to reward more so that just fortifies my point. Dungeons will only reward you that sack of gold once a day so you can develop a daily routine of dungeons you’re going to do. They aren’t difficult to get into either in case you were worrying about that. If you go to the entrance of any of them there are always people gathered outside of them.
Vendor Items – Before I start I want to make sure you don’t do something foolish like vendor everything you pick up. There are going to be items which will sell well on the trading post. (For example: Fangs, Claws, Vials of Blood, Ore etc.) I am talking about gear. The gear that has a vendor value less than 2 silver is routinely being sold on the trading post for 1c higher than its vendor value which makes selling it on trading post both a waste of time and a loss of money. If you don’t believe me you can check just about all of your items, but I give you a 98% guarantee that if you bother looking up the price you’re going to find that dumping it to a vendor is the wiser choice. This even goes for Blue gear. Green and Yellow you should always check just to be safe!
Explore Maps – This one even I feel is cheating as far as a gold making tip, but really you should be doing this because you get numerous gold awards in the process. Whenever you explore a zone 100% you get a chest which pops up and rewards you with many things and one of those is gold. This is going to take some time because you are clearing an entire zone, but I put this as a gold making tip because many people have decided that 100% completion doesn’t benefit them. It does! That is free gold and materials for putting in minimal extra effort in each zone.
Like I said in the beginning it is going to be difficult for a little while to make gold. With so many people leveling all at once time there is a massive influx of materials and everyone is trying to sell them at one time. This causes all of the prices to be driven down into the toilet. The trading post is ultra-competitive, but it won't be like that forever. When the games leveling curve progresses onward the prices will likely rise up a bit and make earning gold easier. For now though you can rely on these tips which do not require the trading post in any way to make gold.  

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guild Wars 2 market analysis by Sam

Hi, I’m Sam, I do high-level thinking.

What am I talking about when I say high-level thinking? I mean looking at a game and try to discern what the developers wanted out of the marketplace they were creating. Looking at World of Warcraft as an example, it’s very clear that Blizzard wanted the auction house to serve as a marketplace to buy and sell weapons, armor, and crafting materials. Therefore, in World of Warcraft, often the most profitable markets are those revolving around armor, weapons, and crafting materials. Guild Wars 1, on the other hand, was very devoted to allowing players to make their characters as unique as possible, as evidenced by the very low level cap and lack of really strong crafting outlets. Guild Wars 2 appears to follow a similar model to Guild Wars 1, which means that applying “buy low, sell high” techniques to crafting materials, armor, and weapons like you would in World of Warcraft will potentially lead to a net loss.

Entering the game, I had lost all of my expectations and knowledge that I had learned of Guild Wars 1's market and tried to apply logic that worked in World of Warcraft. Here are some examples of where that logic goes wrong:

1.The WoW auction house works on a queue, which means that if you're the first person to put in an item at a price, then you'll be the first person to be displayed (and ideally sold to) at that price. This means that in order to sell your items "immediately," you have to undercut the competition. GW2's Trading Post works on a stack, meaning that the first person to put an item in at a price will be the LAST person to sell it. The inverse is true as well, the last person to list an item at a price will be the first person to sell at that price. This means that there is currently (as long as this system is in place) ZERO reason to undercut competition, and if you're doing a sell order you should simply match lowest price.

2. The AH in WoW takes a 5% cut from what you sell. The GW2 TP, if you sell an item, takes 15%. This makes playing the market much more difficult on high volume trading, while High Volume Trading was very profitable in World of Warcraft. This was the major difference between GW1 and WoW that I forgot and wish I had remembered during GW2's launch. Guild Wars prioritizes luxury items as the items to make the most money on, where World of Warcraft prioritizes commodities (crafting materials, the things made with those materials, etc). While I don't think it's impossible to make a profit off of GW2's commodities market, or by buying materials and selling items crafted with them, I think it is going to be very difficult and generally not worth the effort of calculating the best return in this field.

3. The Surge. The article I wrote last week outlines the details of the surge and how it works and what it's currently doing to the trading post. The scale of the surge, however, was much larger than I accounted for in my article. While it is true that market correction will cause ore prices to rise once the huge influx of people playing GW2 starts to die down, this is not where the money is made right now. Ore prices are still dropping and will continue to drop as the less hardcore players who are rounding 40-50 right now make their way to 80 and sell all the mats they gather along the way. At BEST, ore will remain steady in it's pricing, however this means the market correction will be far less obvious and may not occur at all. (I think mithril might be very solid at about 25c ea, though once the surge hits 80 it might see a temporary or even a permanent spike as they all start crafting level 80 greens and blues)

Well, where does this leave us? I focus on metals because I think covering all crafting materials (not including fine crafting materials) is lot of wasted effort when each market seems to follow about the same trend. I don't think any of these markets are a good place to look because they're all commodities, something GW1 never really had a use for (except for special cases, which I'll touch on in a bit). The real money is in the luxury goods.

Currently, GW2 has no real endgame. The real endgame in Guild Wars 1 wasn't necessarily super difficult dungeons (they were, but then speed clearing started taking over) it was pride. The goal after hitting 20 in Guild Wars was to become awesome at PvP and join a famous guild to win some of ANet's monthly cash tournaments with, or to speed clear and farm and "vanquish" areas to work on titles to try to complete God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals. I think, although ANet will strive for a more conventional endgame in GW2, that the GW2 endgame will be about the same. At level 80, the goal isn't to get geared up to run story mode dungeons, the goal is to get gear to get exotic gear, legendary weapons, and anything else to set yourself apart from the masses as the biggest BAMF of all time. These BAMF items are LUXURY items, and they are already commanding a premium. As more people hit 80, look for a goal, and see these items, the demand will only go up, while the supply stays about the same. Here are the luxury items I'm keeping an eye on at the moment:
-Globs of Ectoplasm (Creates Exotic armor and weapons and is probably needed to craft the legendary weapons as well)
-Orichalcum/Gossamer/Hardened Leather/Ancient Wood (see above, though I'm not necessarily prioritizing these items)
-Dyes, specifically Abyss Dye, Black Dye, Celestial Dye, Midnight Fire Dye, Midnight Ice Dye, and White Dye
-Exotic Mini Pets
-Magic Find Gear (High Magic Find is the primary method of farming for level 80s at the moment, this means Opals, Claws (Vicious and Large), Explorer's, Pirate's, and Noble's runes)

Whether you want to try day-trading the items (watching like a hawk for an item to be put up for far less than it should be then immediately re-listing it), or you want to be speculating, these 5 fields are extremely safe IN THE LONG RUN. In the short run, all but orichalcum/gossamer/leather/wood are safe since the "easy" crafting materials are starting to hit the market in larger supply as people hit 80.

As a final note to anybody who eagerly awaited this article following my article from last week, I will no longer be updating the spreadsheet on that page as the information I am gathering and using now to make a profit on the Trading Post is somewhat proprietary and the amount of people I share it with directly lessens the chances I have of making money on those items. HOWEVER, following me on twitter @theothersamb will allow you to see when I find a quick deal or an item on the move that I either do not have the funds to act on immediately or are outside the scope of the markets I am trying to corner. I will post tips whenever I see them on my twitter, however be warned that my next few days will be spent doing school work.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tyria Guide is a scam with stolen information from free sites.

I want to apologize to those of you who are uninterested in this sort of post. I always strive to write gold making posts for you guys, but this really needs to be said today. I really don't intend to make a habit out of this because I know that a large number of you would never buy a guide. As someone who has a voice in the Guild Wars 2 community that can reach many people I feel it is important for me to let you guys know about a scam when there is one present.

If you are uninterested in this post I really do apologize and tomorrow I will have a post about gold making for you again. I assure you – this is not going to become a habit. That being said here is my review of Tyria Guide.

Tyria Guide is a scam.  Stolen FREE information.
I was recently contacted by a guy named Jeff from TyriaGuide.COM to do a review of their guide as well as place their ads on this site.  I have made it perfectly clear from day one that I wouldn't, under any circumstances, review or even support a guide unless I have personally seen it and approve of it.  Since this review is a clear warning for all of you to avoid buying Tyria Guide I will not be linking to the site except in my Youtube video-review of the guide.

I approached this guide and the review I was going to do just like any other guide that I have received thus far. I judged it on its sales page, it's content, and it's relevancy as to how useful it would be if you were to purchase it. It took me just a few minutes before I realized that this guide is one that I would classify as an "avoid at all costs" simply because they are stealing the information in their guide from other free guides.

Tyria Guide is a scam.

Now – I want to be clear when I say stealing information. There is a such thing as having duplicate information and then there is flat out plagiarizing information. This guide falls into the category of plagiarism. The first thing that I looked at was their breakdown of each profession in the game. It was exactly what you expect they have basic information on each profession in each race which was largely comprised of information you could obtain by a quick visit to Guild Wars 2 Wiki.

The second thing I looked at where their crafting guides. I have seen a ton of discipline leveling guides in the last few weeks and I even posted some Free Guild Wars 2 Disciplines Guides earlier this week which were created by a very dedicated member of the Guild Wars 2 community. I was absolutely stunned at what I sought immediately after clicking on their Huntsman guide. What they had done was literally copy and paste the guides which I had featured on my site. I don't mean sections of the guide either. They click that the top and drove their mouse although it on the bottom and copied it all. Images, grammatical errors, nuances, writing habits and all. They did not change a single thing!

Here is what I am talking about in case you are interested.  This first picture is a screenshot straight from Tyria Guide's 1-400 huntsman guide.  This is the last few lines of the guide which really show that they did little more than copy and paste the guide from the Free 1-400 Huntsman guide I posted earlier this week.

I apologize for the yellow writing, but it was written that way in the free guide as well so I wanted to make sure I didn't change a single thing. As you can see the last lines of this guide say "combined warhorse in torches...and TADA!" A nice sign off from the guides author after you just spent all that time leveling up your discipline. Then you get a hearty "!!!CONGRATS!!!" at the end just to top it all off. You can see just by the way that this was written that whoever wrote it followed a very strict format and kept everything not only grouped together, but also color coded to make things as easy as possible. The image you see here is from Tyria Guide.  Now lets take a look at the last few lines of the Free guide I posted earlier this week.

I don't have to get into too much detail here, but if you take a look at this picture and compared to the other one you will find that they are absolutely identical in every single way. The same items are color-coded the same words are used and it even has the exact same sign off. This is a cut and dry example of stolen content from a free site which is being put into a guide or somebody is trying to make easy money off of people who may just not know any better.

Last question that I'm sure someone is going to ask is how do I know that the free guide wasn't stolen from the paid version. I know this because I have seen this free guide for a few weeks now and I've spoken to the author of it on a few different occasions. The author of the free guide has contacted other bloggers as well who have copied and pasted his guide. He didn't make a big deal out of it. All he did was ask them to either take it down or give him credit for his work. The creator of this guide isn't out to make money or be a jerk and start fights with people, but he does want credit for the over 60 hours he's put into creating all of the guides for Guild Wars 2. It's rather disheartening when I run across something like this where people would actually take information which is readily available to people for free and place it within the pages of a paid guide and not say anything about it or even give credit to who wrote it.

Tyria Guide is obviously a scam and one of those guides that is written by shady people for the only purpose of making easy money on unknowing people. I would tell you all to avoid this guide like the plague because all of its information can be found free somewhere else on the Internet. Do not fall victim to their sales pitch. It was not written by professionals and the people who wrote it don't have years of experience nor will they get you leveled up in record time. In fact – it is the opposite. They know so little about Guild Wars 2 that they are actually going to copy free information from others and try to trick people into believing them.

Their site is complete with fake testimonials from people claiming that this guide is change their life in Guild Wars 2. It is obvious that those people are either friends of the guides creators or nonexistent people altogether.

Bottom line:


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Double you trading post gold using one of the most simplistic strategies.

I want to thank Malachi Draven for this guest post.  It was originally a post on our forums, but I thought it was an interesting read.  It's practice is as simplistic as they come.  It will not get you rich all by itself, but it is a way to get some easy gold when you are just starting out with the game. I welcome anyone who is interested in writing a guest post to get in contact with me through the contact us menu at the top of this page as well.  Thank you Malachi for the guest post and I hope you all enjoy!

Find Malachi Draven at personal site "The G Spot."  Don't worry! It's perfectly safe for work.

Guild Wars 2 Stick of Butter
Watch as I turn one silver coin into two silver coins! Then I do it again, and again, and again, and yes, again! Unlike a magician, however, I can show you how to do this trick yourself!

With the change to cooking materials, certain items can no longer be purchased from the karma vendors. Instead, they are dropped in loot bags and from harvesting resource nodes. I've found two (there could be more that I haven't seen yet) items that I can literally double my money on with no effort and no risk. Those items are Sticks of Butter and Chocolate Bars.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mystic forge recipes. Know which items will get your the most for your time.

Today I want to share with you all a Reddit post that I have been following for the last week that pertains to making gold using the Mystic Forge.  The reason why this post is both interesting and important is because for most of the things we do on the Mystic Forge it seems like it is random.  While some of the things are random there are also a large number if items and things that can be controlled as well.  It  all depends on what you are putting into the forge of course.

I have been trying to find ways to profit using the Mystic Forge very early on when Guild Wars 2 launched, but the amount of unpredictability with the forge makes it a constant gamble.  I have been able to make gold though just by way of getting lucky.  I have combined hundreds of items at this point and have gotten just a handful of rare(Yellow) items.  Those alone have made profits possible, but it really is a grind and time can be much better spent on a venture that is a guarantee.

The good thing is that we can take a certain amount of that unpredictability out of it if you take a look at the thread I've been looking through for the past week.  The Reddit user TenTenHun has put together a basic shell of the "Mystic Forge Guide." We still don't know all of the possible combinations.  That would be incredibly intensive, but that's not to say it won't be done in the future.

Anyway.  Here is the thread I am talking about.  It's information really is an important asset if you want to make gold using the Mystic Forge.  Like I said--the unpredictability of the Mystic Forge is what makes it harder to make gold and this thread takes a certain amount of that out for us.

 Mystic Forge recipes and research (it makes exotics)

In closing--this thread has been updated constantly since it was created.  People are adding to it all the time with new and important information.  You really should bookmark that page, or even this one, so you can check back to it whenever you are looking for new information.

Before you take off be sure to check out the ONLY Guild Wars 2 guide of any kind that I personally support here on Guild Wars 2 Riches.  I am reviewing guides all the time.  Actually I have Youtube videos proving that two of them are indeed scams.  If you are looking for a Guild Wars 2 Guide and you don't want to buy that already outdated one at your local videogame store be sure to check out Guild Wars 2 Leveling as you see it below.

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