Friday, August 24, 2012

The wait is over. Let's get rich together!

This is it! Just 24 hours from now we will finally be playing Guild Wars 2. It's not going to be a stress test that shuts down and resets or even a beta weekend. It's going to be the real deal from here on out. All of my posts prior to this are based on a lot of theory rather than hard numbers. From here on out that will all change with the exception to a few posts here and there. A lot of the difficulty about writing gold tips prior to the game's release was that we didn't have any cold hard numbers to go off of and with that changing we can actually develop strong tips with numbers to back them.

I have said since the first day this blog came that the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post was going to be a primary way of making gold. Nearly every market that you get into is going to involve either buying or selling via the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post. Since we all share one global market it isn't going to be easy to take over an entire market. The chance to sort of slide under the radar of other players and accrue a small amount of wealth will actually not be all that difficult to be honest. The key is putting together all of the tips. The important basic information that I have already given you like tracking markets, doing your research and buying in bulk are going to be three of the most important pillars to your success in making gold playing Guild Wars 2.

When the game launches there is just going to be too many great tips to cover them all at one time. Some may actually fly under the radar for a little while before we are able to post them on the site. One of the crucial things that I've always made sure I did was not to overflow you guys with information. I've always found that having five posts a week was a great foundation to go off of. When you've got five new tips in five days you're able to stop and think about what you've read and actually take the chance to implemented into your game-play. If I were to start posting multiple tips each day unfortunately that would mean that some get buried and may go completely unused by many players. That would be completely contradictory to what I want to do with this site and I made the decision that I wouldn't post more than one gold tip in a day.

If you are playing the game and you run across a tip that you think the community could benefit from learning I would like to invite you to write a guest post on this blog or event on our sister blog Guild Wars 2 Trading Post. For those of you that are still unfamiliar with it that is where the podcast is also hosted out of so be sure to head over there and subscribe to the RSS feed if you haven't yet and you can get all the latest posts to your smart phone as well as syncing the podcast to your audio device.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been a fan of this site since the day it was conceived. The overwhelming outpouring of support from you guys has made all the work that I have put into this site worth it. I've stated on a few different occasions that I don't intend to make money off of any of my efforts. What I do is strictly a labor of love in every sense of the saying. Many other sites that are going to pop up in the coming weeks are going to try and sell you a guide, get you to subscribe to their forums for a fee or even come up with some other silly way to get money out of you. I'm here to tell you guys that this site will always be free. I will never ask you for a penny to access its content. Every single item that ever has been and is ever going to be loaded onto this site, the forums or even on our podcast is going to be absolutely free to you. There is no need to go out and buy a guide from anyone on how to make gold playing Guild Wars 2.

I'm not trying to tell you guys to avoid other sites. Actually I would encourage you visit other sites. I do it every single day trying to look for better sites to help build this community of people who are interested in making gold playing the game. If you run across a site that shares the same content as we do here be sure to let us know in some way or another. If it is a fit for this community I will always link to it. If it is useful content I have no trouble letting you guys know about it. I'm not here blogging for page views or visitors and especially not for money. Unlike other blogs who are focused on that sort of thing I have the freedom to tell you that information is found elsewhere because it doesn't hurt me in any way. There is something to be said about hosting a free site like this and I think it is just the right way to do things. I've always done it that way and it's always going to be this way.

Thank you again everyone who supported this site and even donated to show your appreciation for what not only I, but everyone involved with the forum as well, does here. I look forward to playing the game with all of you for years to come and I will warn you right now that there will be no posts this weekend. I'm sure you understand why.

Here is to five years of waiting everyone!

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  1. I can't wait till launch. Thank you for all the excellent guides and tips! I have added you to my blog roll over at But I do have a quick do I subscribe to the podcast via my iphone? I am a bit lost there..

    1. You should be able to subscribe right through iTunes as far as I know. I'm not an iPhone user so I am a bit out of the loop.

      here is the rss feed for the podcast.