Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The wait is almost over. A reflection of our five year journey to playing Guild Wars 2.

Getting into the way-back machine today to look at the long wait we've all endured to finally play Guild Wars 2.  This is a submission for a blogging carnival at GuildMag.Com.  They are one of the greatest Guild Wars 2 communities around and have been a major player in keeping me sane while waiting for the game to launch.  Be sure to check them out when you are done here today!

Here we go!

Most people at this point are foaming at the mouth in anticipation of finally playing Guild Wars 2.  It has been an incredibly long wait and now we are just a few short, or eternally long, weeks away from getting our hands on it.  If you think all the way back to March 2007 just think of all that has changed since that time.  At a certain point I stopped viewing the ultimate goal of playing Guild Wars 2 not as a long wait, but a journey.  I know that it sounds cliche, but really it was the only way to keep from going stir-crazy.  Five years is such a long time to wait for anything.  The world was a much different place back then.

Look at all the crazy stuff that has happened just since the announcement of Guild Wars 2!
2007 brought us fantastic movies like Superbad, Knocked Up and No Country For Old Men.  I was listening Snow(Hey Oh) by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and hadn't even heard of the awful music Lady Gaga was putting out.  I was in my second year of college and binge drinking as though it was a full time job.  Sadly 2007 was also the year of yet another massive horrific shooting spree on the campus of Virginia Tech.  Something that hits incredibly close to home given the recent events.  2007 seems so long ago in the grand scheme of things.  The thing that made it easier to wait for was playing a slew of crappy games, in my opinion, during the long wait.  I can't even recall all the games that I have played since that time, but I knew that in the end this is where I would be.

Waiting as long as we have hasn't been easy.  At times is was bordering on the side of infuriating.  That is always going to happen when you've got so much hope and desire for a game to be great.  Looking at it now I am confident that ArenaNet have done just that.  How about you?  Waiting this long has been made easier by the plethora of different fansites that have been around, but none more important to me than the site which this post is being written for.  GuildMag has been one of my [near] daily go-to sites for Guild Wars 2 information.  They key to passing this much time is that you've got to join up with other people and talk about the game.  Fansites have been great for that for quite a while now.

At this point I am very much ready to play Guild Wars 2 just like everyone else.  With just a few short weeks left to wait it is getting harder and harder to stand.  The final beta weekend is now over.  I've done as much in-game research as I will be able to and from here on out it is just writing about gold making tips to get other ready to make some gold when the game launches.  This site has a unique niche of players that I write for, but they are just as passionate about what they do as other people are about PvE or WvWvW.  That is a beauty in a game like Guild Wars 2 though!  Everyone can find their own ways to play the game that is enjoyable to them.  That is the true beauty of an MMO

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