Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My apologies for not having a post today. I dropped the ball!

I want to apologize at this point for not having a post for you all today.  I just noticed it about 2 hours ago.  I had another great Guild Wars 2 Trading Post idea for you guys.  What happened was; I went to proofread through it yesterday morning and forgot to schedule it to post and it was converted to a draft.  Anyone who uses Blogger knows about this and I have a strong feeling I'm not the first one to do this--neither will I be the last.

We've got just a few days left before launch and it is getting a little chaotic around the site with people developing new bold ways to make gold on day 1. 

I could have still put out a post today, but at this point I will just call it a loss for the day and wait until tomorrow.  I was pretty bummed when I saw that nothing went up today I must admit.  I will try to not let this happen again!  I still have many opportunities for people to write guest posts here as well so if that interests you click on the contact us tab in the navigation bar.

Lastly, check out our podcast at Guild Wars 2 Trading Post!  We've got two episodes up already!

Sorry again for the lack of a post today everyone!  See you tomorrow.



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