Monday, August 6, 2012

How would I make money on day one? People don't have any gold to spend!

Last week I wrote a post on capitalizing on lazy players on day one. What I essentially said was that there are going to be players who are more willing to buy their way to level 80 then to grind it out and do the leveling as is. The analogy I used is that MMO players are like flowing water in the sense that they're always going to take the path of least resistance. For many the least resistance involves spending gold to get ahead. They may buy gear, boss kills or any one of many other different things. The point is those people are willing to spend money, and if we as gold makers can provide that service to them, we are going to make more money as well.

There was a comment on the post where somebody had said, in essence "on day one people do not have any money. How are we supposed to make money if they don't have any gold?" After I read that I felt a bit of shame since I had never up until that point explained how even at the beginning of an MMO's launch you can still make money. When MMO launches most people begin leveling and just playing the game. By just leveling you are automatically making gold. It may not be an incredible amount of gold, but you're still making gold. If someone is able to spend even copper or silver to make something easier I assure you that they're going to do that. The games gems store is one way that people will actually have gold on day one. People are willing to spend gold in the game on small things are also going to be the type of people that are willing to spend money on gems. They may buy them to use them for themselves or they may very well buy gems to sell for gold to make the rest of the game easier as well.

Between questing, running dungeons, participating in WvWvW and all the other features that the game has built into it people will have money to spend early on in the game. It may not be the big money that you'll see a few months down the road, but it's enough money that you can get your own jump on the rest of the competition if you take advantage of it. Making gold on day one isn't going to be the same methods that you'll use later on in the game. Many of them will be the same such as selling bags and other items like that there is no question. As the game is out longer and longer though you're going to transfer into supplying endgame items more so than leveling items. You will never really completely abandon selling leveling items though. The way that Guild Wars 2 is set up it allows for the casual player to really enjoy the game. Because there is no monthly subscription people don't feel like they have to spend every moment in the game to get their money's worth every month. I wrote about this in another post as well, but it is because of this that the casual player will be leveling a lot longer. With the game launching in August you may see leveling on a much larger scale going well into next year even with the easier leveling curve towards the end of the game.

All the gold that you make when the game first launches is going to be devoted to advancing your professions further and reinvesting into markets to make more money. One of the things that I've always tried to do in the MMO's I play is to make my gold work for me. If I can get somebody to do some farming for me or do anything like that; that is time saved on my own part I can use that to do something else and make myself more gold. I'm not saying your to go out and hire someone to farm for you right away, but that is definitely an option when you start to amass a greater amount of wealth. The problem is finding somebody was willing to farm for you. That is always tough because most people know that they could possibly make more money if they sold the gathered items themselves rather than giving them to you for an hourly fee. There are people that will do it, but it does require a little bit of searching.

The key to making money early on and even later on in the game is to supply the services that people need for a price that they're willing to pay. When you talk about making gold this is everything. When the game is released we will know quickly what the biggest markets are – it'll be incredibly obvious because people are all interested in leveling up their characters and their disciplines. Knowing that – all you've got to do is be the one to supply it for them and you stand to make a ton of money.

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  1. I assume that people who are "farming for you" (in WoW), are people who prefer the instant gratification to putting it on the AH for possible greater reward. With the trading post there is an easy way to get that instant gratification for common items like ore, even from anywhere in the field.

    It's probably going to be a lot harder to convince people to farm for you and sell you their ore for less than what they could instantly pick up in the field from the trading post.

    1. Oh no doubt. It was difficult in WOW even, but I'm not ready to write it off entirely. That is one of those "Pipe-dream" strategies that has worked before and is just still on the table at the moment.