Friday, August 17, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Gem Store Overview (Video)

When I participate in beta weekends and even the stress tests a lot of what I do goes into a collecting data and information to help you guys make gold when the game finally launches. As I am collecting information to pass on to all of you fine folks I often find myself forgetting that the most basic information is just as important as gold tips themselves. One of the aspects of Guild Wars 2 which I've spoken about extensively is the gems store in the game. I also did a "what can I purchase on the gem store" post breaking down each section of it and what is available-for-sale in it. For those of you who find reading long lists of content like that boring and find it difficult to comprehend I have also created a video where I just shoot through the gems store very quickly highlighting some of the most important information as it pertains to making gold.

While it is very important to actually learn gold making tips you've got to know the basics before you can know all of the advanced things that are going on in the game. It is sort of that old adage for they say you've got a crawl before you can walk. So I want to take today and teach you guys how to crawl. The following video is my breakdown of the gems store tab by tab and I also go over individual items which are going to be profitable both at launch and in the long-term.


I hope that you enjoyed the video, especially since it took about five times longer to upload it than it actually does to record it. Hopefully YouTube hasn't made you watch a five-minute advertisement for this video. This is my short little vent on the blog, unholy hell YouTube is getting out of control with their ads aren't they?

New community spotlight!

Before I call it a day I also want to spotlight a new site that is starting up in the Guild Wars 2 community. I feel obligated to help out other people because I got a lot of help from the other fine bloggers for Guild Wars 2 when I first started out this site and it would be incredibly selfish for me to look the other way when a new blog is starting up. The site I am referring to is Guild Wars 2 Versus. Their site is a forums much like we have here except they focus entirely on world PVP in the game. I expect their forms to grow very quickly and become a fantastic source of information for the game. I suggest you all head on over and take a look as I have already. I think they've got a very flashy looking forums and the content that is there is already second to no one.

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