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Guild Wars 2 trading post transaction breakdown.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post where I corrected a bit of misinformation that was put out there by a fellow blogger as it pertains to the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post.  This person got some pretty basic information wrong and I felt it was important to correct them to ensure that people are investing into markets that are not only going to make them money, but also ones that actually exist.  I follow a huge amount of blogs right now and there is a disturbing amount of information that is being passed around which is incorrect.  So for today's post I wanted to just go through the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post with a fine toothed comb and set anyone straight who is still wondering.

Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Guide
This is going to be a shortened guide.  It includes the basics and all other important information.

Where are the trading posts located?
That is easy! It's everywhere.  Consider it like your traveling companion.  It can be accessed from anywhere in Tyria and at any time you choose. There are actual trading post and PCs in every major city and every zone in the game as well.

How do I access the trading post?
There are two ways to open up the trading post.  First you can just press the "O" key.  This is by far the most simple.  The second would be to just right-click on an item in your inventory and click "sell on trading post."

How do I post an item to the trading post?
When you want to sell an item there are two things to do.  Two ways to sell your items--and those are.  You can match the highest buy order or you can match the lowest current sell order.  Buy orders are exactly what they sound like.  Other players place buy orders and specify a price which they would be willing to pay.  Then that means sell orders are people, just like you, placing their items for a price that they would be willing to sell.  You never actually speak to anyone or interact with anyone at all.  This is all autonomous and handled by the client.

Quick side note–when you are selling items on the trading post they can be placed in stacks 250. If you are coming here having played Guild Wars this is the same as that.

What are the fee's for posting an item on the trading post?
There are two fees that are charged to you during an entire transaction cycle.  At this point you will incurr the first fee of 5%.  This is 5% of your sales price.  So if you are selling something for 10 silver you would have a fee of  50 copper charged to you.  This is non-refundable.

I've sold my item(s).  Now what?
Whenever you sell an item on the trading post you're going to incur your second fee which is 10% of your sales price. This brings your total fee for the transaction to 15%. At this point the extent of the transaction is over and you can go collect your money. Unlike every other aspect of the trading post your money isn't sent directly to you though. You actually got to go and collect it from one of the trading post NPC's spread throughout Tyria.

That is the extent of the basics relating to the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post. Hopefully this clears up any confusion that there has been if you've gotten some misinformation from some of the other blogs that are out there. A lot of those blogs are coming about with the intent to sell a guide and make easy money off of you guys and they could care less about the actual information that they are putting out right now. When the game launches the compile information from sites like this one and put it into a guide to sell it. It's an unfortunate thing, but it happens with every MMO. Well-meaning bloggers like ourselves just get to try and clean up the mess as best we can and write posts like this to try and clear it up.

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