Friday, August 31, 2012

Guild Wars 2 trading post is down, but here are 5 ways you can still make gold.

We are coming up on a week now since Guild Wars 2 has launched and we're still without a trading post.  (At least at the time I am writing this we are.)  Without a trading post the economy of the game has been pretty stale in comparison to what it could be.  When you really look at it the trading post is essentially the heartbeat of the games entire economy.  Much of the game is dependant on the economy.  The good thing is there are still ways that you and I can make gold even with the trading post being down.  Here are five ways that I have made gold since the game launched despite the trading post being down the entire time.

Utilize the in-game mail system.  Just because the trading post is down doesn't mean that you cannot move items from one person to the other.  This has been pretty popular and I actually anticipate that I will always be popular, but the in-game mail system has been pivotal in players moving their items.

Enjoy the game.  This one goes without saying, but the trading post being down has really given me the opportunity to just play the game and enjoy it as a story.  I am playing a human Ranger and I have to say, so far, the storyline has been exceptional.  I won't give anything away, but for my fellow humans out there that chose the say storyline features.  The courtroom phase--very, very cool!  Since we don't have a trading post that is live right now just take this time to enjoy the game.

Work with guild members.  I was fortunate enough to have a good guild lined up prior to ever getting into the game.  They were able to get it created despite a few bugs with the guild system.  I'm not all that bent outta shape over a few small issues so I just got in my guild and we deal with things as we can.  We already have begun planning out the growing of our guild and how we are going to expand our guild storage and such.  We are all focusing on different ways to make gold.  I have probably the most enjoyable job around.  I get to farm for cooking ingredients.  That's fine by me considering I am also the resident cook in the guild so it's not like I wouldn't have been doing it anyway.  One person on their own can be successful, but working with guild-mates makes it easier and also more enjoyable.

Prepare Crafting Disciplines.  We were all anticipating stiff competition trying to make gold through our disciplines when the game launched.  In a small way the trading post being down is almost a blessing.  It has acted as a grace period where we can get our two primary disciplines leveled up without having to worry about soaring material costs and competition from massive guilds.  Those who are interested in making gold are all leveling at about the same pace.  Because of this there have been tons of opportunities to facilitate mutually beneficial trades with other players.  Rarely will it be for materials, but I have been well geared through the whole process just by people trading me gear.

Dynamic events.  You can gain Karma from doing dynamic events.  With Karma you can buy cooking ingredients and other commodities in bulk!  In case you missed my post on it BULK IS GOOD.  BULK IS VERY GOOD.  It gives you numerous advantages over other players when you buy in bulk.

The Guild Wars 2 trading post being down is a total bummer, but we always have to make the best out of what we have.   Even without the trading post there are numerous ways to make gold.  Have you found any? Would you care to share?  Leave a comment if you have.  I would love to hear from you guys!

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