Monday, August 13, 2012

Guild Wars 2 trading post market tracker exists! Introducing Guild Wars 2 Spidy!

Since the beginning of this site I have stressed the importance of tracking the prices of items before you should do anything with the market.  It would be a shame to buy a bulk quantity of something and have the market fall out from under you.  It would be even worse if it were preventable and there was a way to know that.  Well--There is and you should be as excited as I am because this can save you hours of time.  What this feature does is track the prices on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post and records them.  It does, autonomously, what I have been telling you to do since day one!  So what is it?

I am as blown away and happy as I have been in a long time by this site.  It is simple.  It is speedy and best of all it is FREE!

I would be making selfish mistake if I didn't thank everyone involved with this for creating it.  A project like this takes more coding than one would expect and they aren't charging penny (or copper) for it which is awesome.  In an age where there are an endless supply of greedy bloggers trying to sell a Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide it is nice to see people who share the same belief as I do that information for a game should always be free. So--thank you for doing this to everyone involved with Guild Wars 2 Spidy.

Lets go over how Guild Wars 2 Spidy works, shall we?  I had heard long long ago that ArenaNet had intended to make the trading post accessible through a web browser.  This was a fantastic idea.  Well somehow through the voodoo and magic of coding these people are able to essentially scan the entire trading post and track the prices of every item and what they were sold at.  As I mentioned earlier this saves you and I a significant amount of time.  Time that can now be spent farming.

Prior to this application you were restricted to doing your research while you were at home and physically logged into the game.  Now you can do it anywhere you've got access to the Internet which is awesome for you!  Horrible for your employers, but awesome for you!

Right now, from what I understand, it is in it's early stages.  I imagine they will make many more improvements to it as time chugs along.  I look forward to using this and I would imagine all of you will be too.  Making gold just got a whole lot easier with such a great asset like Guild Wars 2 Spidy.

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  1. Spidy is awesome. I'm already sharing it with my guildmates.

    Would it be hard for you to allow people to be able to compare multiple items? I think it would be interesting to look at all Tier 1 fine mats that produce insignia or all the different runes of holding, to see if one can predict trends based on knowing the characteristics of items rather than having to track each individually.

    Alternatively, any way to collect your raw (historical) data so I can build my own charts?

    1. Not at the moment. It is not actually MY product. IF you go to the site for spidy he has a way to contact him for suggestions. Perhaps you could try that. I would like to see that as well actually.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out! I suspect that it will end up being a great help to me.