Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Farm the zones that players are in and out of quickly.

One of the key aspects to making gold off of farming is to find items which people want, but also people don't want to go out and farm.  Where are the best Guild Wars 2 Farming Spots? Often times these sort "High demand low motivation to retrieve" items exist in the most boring zones of the game. People will generally get to the zones and level as fast as they possibly can just to get out of them and move on. These are the kind of zones where the most of your profits will come from. Going out and farming for copper is going to get you a little bit of gold at the beginning, but essentially you want to be the provider of items which are the least farmed in the game.

So how will you know which is a good zone to be farming in?  The way MMO's work is that they are an endurance race rather than a sprint. What I mean by this is that very very few people will start up and level straight through in a short duration of time. Instead, most people are going to play casually and the leveling process may take upwards of a month to do. In many cases, even longer than a month. Even in an endurance race people tend to pick up steam as they get closer to the end. With 80 levels to reach in the game people get to a certain point and realize how close they are to the end and the desire to reach maximum level will take over.

What we're looking for in a zone to farm in is that special level range where people finally see the end goal. They will see how close they are to reaching level 80 and begin to press on with out thinking at all about farming along the way for the materials they will need further disciplines. It's hard to say exactly what level this will be at, but if I were a guessing person I would say that it is somewhere between the 60 to 70 level range. I say those levels because from my own personal experience. When I am leveling characters it is usually around that time where I start paying more attention to the ultimate end goal. This isn't going to be the same for everyone. Some people will simply just play the game casually going from level 1 all the way to level 80. They will farm along the way and experience every single thing that they can. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that play style, but that's not the market that we are aiming for anyway.

The way Guild Wars 2 is set up it caters more to a casual playing style. Not having a monthly fee means that people aren't incentivized to play the game every single day if they don't want to. People are still going to want to play everyday, but that incentive just is not there so it may take a little bit longer for people to reach maximum level. A tip for determining what zones you should be playing in is to just play the game yourself. People overwhelmingly agree with aspects of the game. For instance – if you speak to many people they almost universally agree that the crafting system in the game is done very well. Many also agree that the gem store is a great idea. So if you are leveling through the game and you progress into a zone which you find to be quite boring, there is a good chance that others agree as well. When you stumble across this for yourself just take a look at what resources come from that zone and you will more than likely find something that is profitable to farm.

A key component to making gold in Guild Wars 2 is to put yourself into the mindset of someone who is playing the game and someone who is buying rather than what you are doing which is trying to sell. The more you think about what other people would pay for the easier it will become for you to make sales with better reliability. So the simple tip in this post is to pay attention to the zones you are in when you're playing the game. Maybe just keep a small sheet of paper near you whenever you are leveling. If you find a zone which wasn't all that much fun to you just write it down. When you out level that zone and you go back with little trouble just take a look at what resources you will be farming and check the trading post. If other people feel the same way as you those items will be of higher value than others like it.  If that is the case you farm away and start making easy gold.

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