Sunday, August 19, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Weekly Roundup: The best posts from the Guild Wars 2 Community.

During the week I read a lot of different posts from the Guild Wars 2 community. I would say in an average week I read about 20 to 30 of them. I already link to a lot of different sites, but what I want to do is on Sundays I'm going to put together a sort of "best from around the web this past week" section to the site. It's going to be a post that comes on Sundays and I'm just going to pick a handful of the best posts that I've read from the past week to share with you guys on my site.

Some of the posts don't actually relate to gold making, but they are good for many other reasons. Not all gold making tips actually have to involve the market or crafting. I read many different sites. Some of them devoted to specific aspects of the game such as role-playing. You may think it's a little odd but I read role-playing information during the week. Now – let me explain first, because it does make a little bit of sense. An important aspect of making gold is understanding all facets of the game. Role-playing, while it's not the most prominent part of the game, is an actual part of it. People who are interested in role-playing and Guild Wars 2 are going to be looking for certain items. They may not even be the most fancy gear in the game, but rather just unique items that many other people don't have. Role-playing opens up a market where people aren't necessarily looking for the item with the best stats on it. They are looking for items that make their character unique compared to everyone else on their server.

Unique items can come from out in the world or they can come from crafting as well. Since they can come from crafting you and I can control those items in the market. There may be a popular item in the role-playing community that can be crafted for next to nothing. Since role players are just like you and I, many times they may just go to the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post to buy it.  This opens up a great market for selling items. Not only does it open up the market for selling them, but it also makes it easier to turn larger profits on these items. This is another one of those markets that while you're not going to get rich solely on focusing on it you can combine it with other smaller markets and it adds up in a hurry.

Not all these articles that I'm linking deal with role-playing, but some of them do. I would suggest glossing over all of them in some way. They all have great information in them and the more you know about other markets the easier it is to make gold. So here you are.

Complete Skill Challenge Guide To Queensdale - Guild Wars 2 Hub

Guild Wars 2 Role-Playing Forums - Guild Wars 2 Role-Playing Community

Beta Weekend Engineer Changes: For Better or Worse? - Talk Tyria

The last one I wanted to cover was from a podcast many of you may know already, but if you don't this is an absolute must listen. On this episode of the podcast they go over the market in many ways to make gold. Episode runs just under two hours long so if you have a block of time to set aside or even if you're sitting in your desk at work this is something you definitely could listen to.

That was the YouTube link. If you want to listen to it straight on their website you can also find the link below. This really is an excellent podcast the matter which way you measure it and anyone who's interested in making gold Guild Wars 2 launches needs to check it out.

Tales Of Tyria #42: Buy High, Sell Higher - Tales Of Tyria (July 31st, 2012 MUST LISTEN)

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