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Guild Wars 2 trading post strategy to make easy gold in the first 24 hours.

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One of the crafting materials that you're going to run across early in the game, and often, is going to be copper ore. Since all of the starting zones for Guild Wars 2 have copper ore in them there's going to be a massive influx of it. Also, many of the disciplines use it as well so it's also going to be used up just as quickly. With a massive quantity of copper on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post you're probably expecting to make very little profit off of it if you tried. Many people feel the exact same way. I'm here today to tell you guys that there is a potential for huge profits just selling copper on the trading post when the game launches.  It will require very little risk and can have a high reward for you.

The key bit of information to know about copper ore is that it sells quickly and in large quantities. What this means is that you don't need to turn a massive profit on each item to make profits overall. You can make little smaller chunks on a larger quantity and end up with a nice profit as well.  The strategy is really what most stores are doing today and that is selling in bulk. They sell 100 items for $1 profit.  In the long run they actually make more money and muscle out their competition.  This is exactly what you are going to be doing with copper ore on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post, but I will be honest it is highly unlikely that you are going to put the competition out of business.  So what is the key behind this strategy as it pertains to Guild Wars 2?  First you want to know the "Standard" price that copper ore is sold at.

What is the standard price of copper ore?

I know you're looking for a straight up answer but there really is no nailed-down standard price for copper ore at this point.  The numbers I will use are based on my experience in two different beta weekends.  I am confident in these numbers because it was nearly identical in both beta weekends. The price that I have found when I was testing the betas were copper was most routinely being sold was between 13 and 15 copper.  When the beta first started up the price of copper was going for about 30 copper apiece. This is obviously when you want to be selling rather than buying. If you are dealing in massive quantities of copper buying it at 13 copper and selling at 15 copper will still give you profits, but you could do so much better.

What is my strategy for making selling copper?

The strategy that I used during the beta weekends was to wait until copper got down to 10 copper apiece. I know what you're thinking – "if the normal price of copper is 13 to 15 copper why on earth would you be able to get it for 10 copper?"  Well, that is pretty easy actually! The reason you will be able to get it for 10 copper apiece is because when the game first launches everybody is going to be opening the floodgates trying to sell copper. When the servers first go live you're going to see the price of copper go through the roof. This is due to greedy players wanting to make as much as they can early on. There really isn't anything wrong with that it's just that it happens in just about every MMO and I expect Guild Wars 2 to be the same. As I mentioned--This has already happened twice in the two beta weekends I was able to participate in. For this strategy to work it is important that you are tracking the prices every 15-30 minutes.  I will get into the timetable a bit more in a second, but let's press onward.

Okay – what you're going to do is wait until other players start to drive the prices down by undercutting.  Most of this is due to people being greedy and wanting to get their cut of the profits.  If you have gathered copper through leveling you should do the same as well.  This is a small window of time where you can make this much gold just selling copper and you might as well take advantage of it when it is there.  So, as I mentioned, the prices are going to go from sky high and will be driven downward very quickly. Think of it as a pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other. The price is going to be at around 35 copper apiece and as people begin to undercut it's going to push it lower and lower and eventually it's going to be pushed down under 10 copper. I can't say for sure how low it will go, but the strategy I went with was a 10 copper/copper ore cutoff. I did see it go just a little bit lower during the beta weekend; however, not much. When the price of copper goes below 10 copper I want you to buy up as much as you can, or at least as much as you're willing to spend on it. As a small gauge to go off of the price went down to 10 copper at around that six-hour mark after the beta servers went live.  This too happened in both betas so I am expecting the same thing when the game launches.  So keep an eye on it and when it goes down below 10 copper you are going to be buying up as much as you can afford.  I wouldn't be too worried about it--it will sell.

After the price is low enough people begin to do the same as you and buy up bulk quantities of it to level up there crafting disciplines.  Except the thing you are going to do is hold out just a little bit longer and wait because the prices are going to push up to that 13 to 15 copper mark once again. At that point you are going to sell off as much as you're willing to sell. The great thing about the strategy is that copper ore is always in high demand so it will not take long for you to get a return on your items after you post them on the trading post.

That's it! The strategy is incredibly simple and since you're dealing with copper or there is little risk involved because you know that one way or another it's going to sell. This doesn't just work for copper either you can use this with logs or any of the foraged items that are obtained in the starting zones. Now get out there and make some gold!....... that is – after you wait two more weeks for the game to launch.

Gahhh!!! I can't wait anymore!

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  2. mmm .. moneys. Need to make 100s and 1000s of them. GW2 mogul sounds good. ;)