Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guild Wars 2 has officially released! New players, beware of shady sites trying to sell you something.

So this is it everybody, the game we've been waiting for has "Officially" released. I want to personally welcome all the new players to Guild Wars 2. Most of us have been able to play the game for just over 48 hours now and I can tell you that it is an absolute blast! From here on out we will have new gold making tips nearly every single day on the site. It is exciting to know that the community we have here is already developing so many wonderful new strategies even though the trading post has yet to function as intended.

Today I wanted to point out to all of you new players some of the things to be aware of when you are looking at blogs devoted to making gold in Guild Wars 2. I've written a post about this before, but I wanted to put up one today on the official release of the game just to make sure everybody who's coming to the game today has the opportunity to be informed as well. What I am referring to are sites that are essentially trying to sell you something. Almost all blogs nowadays try to take in money in some way shape or form. There are some costs involved with hosting the website and people like to offset those costs. I do the exact same thing here; however, I am very honest with that right up front and tell you that I've got a donations tab.

Guild Wars 2 Gold Guides going to be popping up left and right in the coming weeks. They're going to claim that they have the single best leveling strategies for all professions in the game. If you know me or any of the blogs that I've written in the past you know that I have a strong dislike towards these shady guides. They all make very bold claims and not a single one of them can back them up.

My warning to you would be to lookout for in the very questionable of any blog that is supporting a gold guide at this point. There is no way that any of them are proven, especially just 48 hours into the game. Anyone who is selling a guide or even has an affiliate link for one on their blog is doing it solely for the purpose of making easy money off of unsuspecting people. It is quite easy to spot someone who is utilizing an affiliate link on their site with a guide banner. All you have to do is click on the image and look at the URL. Clickbank is the most popular online vendor that I know of in this is how their URL will look if someone is using an affiliate link.

so the image that you see above is how a URL for an affiliate link would look. They are incredibly obvious. I just want to make sure you all know that none of these guides hold any special or proprietary information on how to make gold playing Guild Wars 2. I know personally because I have purchased gold guides in the past as well as seen free copies of many of the ones that are out today and never once they've fulfilled all of the promises they made on the sales pages.

Gold guides at this point, as I mentioned before, cannot possibly be tested or perfected. They cannot have the best strategies possible for leveling every profession because no one has gone to Max level at this point. None of the beta weekends that we were able to participate in even allowed you to reach Max level. No one has been able to max out their crafting disciplines because to do so would require players to get to the higher-level zones for the materials.

Guild Wars 2 is obviously a very popular game and because of that there are going to be many shady people trying to make an easy buck off of people like you. I would be very wary of anyone who is selling a guide that this point. I would also question the integrity of any blog that is supporting one of those gold guides by way of affiliate links. There is no way they can swear by its usefulness at this point. Any affiliate link for any gold guide on any blog is just a shameless attempt at trying to make money off of a incredibly popular game.

If you are looking for ways to make gold in Guild Wars 2 I would suggest, before you go looking for gold guide, to check out any one of the incredible resources that are linked on the site. Also you could check out our forums as well. It is the only one that is devoted entirely to making gold in Guild Wars 2.

Would you like to see a review of a gold guide done on this site? Let me know through the contact us form and I will make that happen I it is possible.

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