Saturday, August 18, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Community Spotlight: The Feral Engineer

Since I have already said that I'm going to be taking Saturdays and Sundays off from posting gold tips I have had a few e-mails from people asking me to at least post something on those days. Because I'm an absolute sucker against criticism and I guess I really aim to please I'm going to be doing a community spotlight each Saturday for the next few weeks or as often as I can put one together.

What the heck is a community spotlight you're probably asking right? Well – let me tell you.

There are a ton of sites devoted to Guild Wars 2 already and the game hasn't even launched yet. This site is a great example of one of them. As blogs pop-up people are already part of close-knit communities devoted to specific aspects of the game. If you are here you're probably interested in making gold. If you visit GW2Versus.Com you will see that they are interested in world PVP. People who join those communities tend to find all the information that they desire in one area. A sign of a good community is one that has a forums to communicate, a podcast interact and content to read. There are many blogs that may not pertain to the exact thing you read here each and every day. I would like to take a few Saturdays to highlight some of the different blogs from around the community. All of them have wonderful content as well as friendly authors and are just all around worthwhile to be looking at.

So for my inaugural community Spotlight I would like to introduce the following site.

As you can already tell this site is devoted to the engineers profession. If you read along enough you will quickly notice that many of the tips and breakdowns that he has on the site pertain to much more than just engineers. I have had this blog on my own blog roll for quite some time now and it is one of the blogs that I check almost daily for new content. He does not actually post new content every day, but when he does post the content is very good and and after reading it once you will not want to miss again.

For those of you who are interested in playing an engineer when the game launches there is no way you can pass up reading this site. He has some of the most in-depth breakdowns that I've seen beating out even the big-name sites that we all visit each and every day. He does a wonderful job of telling you exactly why an engineer is going to be more beneficial in a certain part of the game over others as well as breaking down specific mechanics and skills that they can contribute to any group that they are in. In addition to having post on his website he also has a section for builds as well and although it is currently listed as being on hiatus I would imagine he is going to be updating this much more when the game launches. Given his expertise I would say that this is going to be a great place to go for all things related to the engineering profession.

I cannot overstate how wonderful of a blog this is and it would be a complete shame if you were interested in playing an engineer and you did not take a look at this site.

That concludes this inaugural post on the "Guild Wars Two community Spotlight." I hope you've enjoyed it and I hope even more that you take a look at the website. I will see you back here on Monday for brand-new post on making gold and again next Saturday with our next blog on the spotlight.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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