Thursday, August 30, 2012

Five reasons why gems will always sell well.

Even now there's a lot of speculation about people being able to sell gems in Guild Wars 2. I've been one of the people since the beginning that said it's going to be possible. Not only is it be possible it's going to be quite easy as well. There are a number of things in the game that people need which are only able to be purchased using gems. For today's post I only give you five detailed reasons why you will be able to sell gems as a long-term profitable item. In my honest opinion – they are going to be the most successful item in the game until the day the servers are shut down.

There are a number of reasons why gems will sell very well coming straight from ArenaNet. The biggest reason is that people are inherently lazy and if they have the option to spend money over actually farming in the game they're more than likely going to do that. At least a certain amount of people are this way – not everybody. From a gold making standpoint gems really are a gold mine and for many reasons. Here are the reasons why I think they are:

  1. Bag Slots. Bag slots are something that everybody is going to want to upgrade on their characters. Since bag expansions are purchased from the gems shop and people are always leveling alternate characters this is going to be a very viable option for a very long time.
  2. Account Services. Many of the account services items are also purchase from the gems shop. If you wanted to switch servers or change your character's name you bring much need to go to the gems shop and purchase that feature. This is a very common thing in all MMO's. I personally have switched servers on my main WOW character over four times in the course of me playing the game. Not everyone is doing this, but enough people are that it will keep gems selling for a long time.
  3. Booster Packs. Remember when I said that players are inherently lazy? It is because of this that people are going to buy a lot of booster packs as well. What booster packs do is essentially just save people time by giving them bonus XP for killing mobs or extra karma for participating in events which reward it. Karma is also a great way to save gold while leveling which is something that I'll get into in tomorrow's post.
  4. Vanity Items. I don't know if you're new to MMO's or not but vanity items sell insanely well in just about all of them. One of the items that even I have been attracted to since I saw the games gems shop were the aviator sunglasses.  Not every vanity item in the gems shop is going to be your cup of tea but pretty much everybody's got something in there that they can enjoy. ArenaNet has done a really good job with putting a variety of different things on the gems shop. They have boxing gloves for gods sake!
  5. Mini's. Minis are essentially mini pets if you're coming from World of Warcraft. If you are coming from World of Warcraft I don't have to tell you that pets are insanely popular and people are willing to pay out the ears to get a certain one. People will be purchasing many pet packs from the gems store for 300 gems a pop. Since gold can be traded for gems a lot of people are just going to go that route, but gems are still being purchased nonetheless. It really doesn't matter how you sell them the point is that you did sell them.
Those are five of the most interesting reasons why I think the gems are going to sell very well for the entire duration that Guild Wars 2 is online. There are going to be many more than what you see here so if you have any that you think are important please leave a comment on this post. I would love to hear more input from all of you on the subject!

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  1. Those Black Lion chests. You get them through various drops in-game and the only way to open them are from the rare rare key drop or yep you guessed it the gem store.
    I have already purchased gems via gold to open 6 of them, and have plans to drop a cool 50 bucks as soon as they have the pre-paid gem cards in the stores.

    1. Yes those too. There are many more than five reason why gems will sell well. I could think of 100 if I spent the time hehe.

    2. and the only way to open them are from the rare rare key drop or yep you guessed it the gem store.

      Well wrong. You get keys from the personal story, map completion, as random drops and from chests again with a small chance.

  2. Read this article just as I was thinking about the Coin/Gem exchange rate and possible investment opportunities. The exchange is a bit wonky at the moment (sometimes you get an offer that is way too low) but I think I have the formulas after a bit of tinkering:

    Buying Gems with Coins: Coins = Unit Cost * ( Gems + ROUNDUP( Gems / 5 )
    Buying Coins with Gems: Coins = Unit Cost * ( Gems - ROUNDDOWN( 1 + ( Gems / 7 ) ) )
    Quick Way to Find Unit Cost: Offer to sell 2 gems for coins; Unit Cost is half the coin offer

    For the best trades you should [1] buy gems with coins in multiples of 5 gems (5, 10, 15, etc.) and [2] buy coins with gems in multiples of 7 then minus 1 gems (6, 13, 20, etc.). I'll work on these some more, but if someone else is interested it would be great to have independent verification/testing. I don't have much coin in game right now, and I'm afraid some of my calculations are being hurt by the exchange rounding my low-coin trades.

  3. Am I the only person who ends up losing her clothes (armor) on a routine basis? Now, admittedly I have been playing for all of a few hours. I signed up just the other day after buying the heroic edition (my only option) on Green Man Gaming. (It was a very decent price; it's cheaper than the standard edition so why not?) I usually find the subscription free model to be a scam since it ends up costing more than a modest subscription. I was so pleased that GW2 actually provides weapons without having to pull out the wallet to buy in game currency.

    This morning when I logged in I found myself running around in my underwear!! WTH?! I happened upon an armorer who replaced my "armor" - it actually is more like more akin to attire one would find on the working girls in the red light district. (Sigh! When will developers realize there are women gamers who don't find this practice attractive?). Anyway, I checked to be sure I did not sell my "armor" - using the term lightly - by mistake. Anyway - I died again. Didn't I find myself without clothes once more! It looks like i have no choice but to purchase a gem card and for $10 replace my "armor" (cough, cough) O.o. I also note everything else in my inventory is ready to break. Unless I find someone to repair it, I think I had better be prepared to replace everything - with gems. :(