Thursday, August 16, 2012

Buying in bulk works everywhere! Including Guild Wars 2.

When you look at all the big-name stores of today there is one common theme that they all follow. They tend to sell massive quantities of items at a very small price. They can do this because the amount of product that they can move is offset by the amount that they discount their items for each sale. This is just known as buying in bulk.

For example – you go to Walmart and go into the cold section. You see an entire cooler full of ice cream which is cheaper than anywhere else in your town. They can do this because they buy large quantities and make very small amounts of profit on each item which adds up over time. This same theme is to be followed in Guild Wars 2.

The way we operate in the game is through the use of buy orders and sell orders. People are always looking to unload their items on the trading post and get the most gold that they can out of every sale. What we as "gold – makers" want to do is try and find the people who have a massive stock of items and try to get them for as little as possible. This is essentially the opposite side of that coin.

So why are we preying on people with massive stockpiles? What it essentially comes down to is desperation. When people have a massive stock that they want to get rid of they are often times going to act in a more desperate way than if they had a smaller amount. It is because of this that we are able to buy in bulk and just like Walmart, make large profits. Let's say someone is selling copper on the trading post and they've got 1000 of them to sell. They go a few days and are not able to sell all of them for various other reasons. Perhaps, they are just trying to get too much gold for each copper they're trying to sell or maybe the market just isn't there at that point in time.

What we can do in this situation is, assuming you can afford it, place a buy order on the trading post for fractions of what copper is going for at that point in time. Most people probably will just look at this and move on because they know that they are getting an unfair deal. The players that you are looking for are the ones who are in dire circumstances and are needing to sell commodities like copper for any one of 1000 reasons. People with large quantities of items to sell are much more likely to take less of a profit on each item if they can unloaded all at one time so when you come in and offer to take them off of their hands and they can still make a profit they are quite likely to take you up on it.

Buying in bulk is going to be a great moneymaker for the game when it launches and long after as well. There are many advantages to buying in bulk which go beyond just reselling for profit. If you have the bankroll for it you can level large chunks a professions by making a single purchase of materials for a very small cost. Not only are you able to level your discipline for much less gold, but you are also able to sell the crafted items at a lower price than your competition. This is exactly what big-name stores like Walmart are doing each and every day. It is because they buy so much quantity that they can sell for such low prices like they do. In many ways your business in the game should be set up just like Walmart. Except, without the horrible reputation for being an evil company... Just kidding.

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  1. Gr8 post mate. Most ppl don't think about bulk at all.