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So how do I make gold in Guild Wars 2?

Gold Making In Guild wars 2
How do I make gold in Guild Wars 2?
For anyone just starting out in an MMO, or even just a new MMO, it can be extremely overwhelming when you begin.  Quickly you realize that the game is significantly less enjoyable when you lack gold.  Without gold you are actually held back from doing some of the most fun things the game has to offer!  Repair costs alone can run people broke if they don't have a steady income in the game.  In many ways Guild Wars 2 is like real life.  If you play the game regularly you will have regular recurring gold costs that are, in most cases, unavoidable.  This leads all Guild Wars 2 players to the same question.  "So how do I make gold in Guild Wars 2?"

Most players have little desire or motivation to make gold to the extent that I want to.  I wanna roll in it!  Many players just want to have enough to participate with their friends and/or guild-mates.  So that becomes a different challenge.  That's right, making less gold can be more of a challenge for some.  You see people, like me, who want to make incredible quantities of gold are into controlling markets, playing trends, and just plain old fashioned ruthless economics.  Where other players may be willing to go to that point, they just don't know where to start.  So I thought about how someone who is just wanting to make enough to have a good time would go about doing that.  Here is exactly How to make gold in Guild Wars 2.

The key to making gold is to go for those simplistic markets that you can drop in an out of without having to go up against competition.  Those would include food ingredients, ore, wood and even bags will be fine.  Bags may be a bit more competitive, but they will always be a big seller so I wouldn't shy away from selling them.

The second way is farming.  There are two ways you can make money doing this.  Sometimes people will literally hire you to go out and farm for them.  While this may not be the most graceful way to play the game it is easy to do and you can pretty much shut your brain off while you are doing it.  Of course this would be the option only in the case when the crafting materials market is in the tank and selling ore yourself would seem like a lot of work for little reward.  This is likely to happen when the bots come crawling out of the woodwork.   I know it seems strange to suggest being a farmer-for-hire, but in many cases those that are just looking for a little gold to get by do not have their professions leveled up--thus why I suggest this method.  Guild Wars 2 caters to this because you don't have a physical profession to get leveled up in order to utilize your gathering skills.

Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide
Guild Wars 2 Gems will be a great way to make gold!
Third would be gems.  The price of gems is going to fluctuate a ton.  The only way for gems to enter the market is by way of real money transactions.  The thing we don't know right now is how much people will be willing to purchase them.  I know of a few people that are going to go by one rule of thumb.  They are not going to spend more than $14.99 in a month.  You probably already know, but that is the cost of a months subscription in any other MMO that you would play.  I tend to agree that this is pretty safe rule to go with and I actually think many players will do this.  The second aspect to this is that many players are completely against purchasing virtual items for real money and this leads to gems being in short supply.  They are also an item that is destroyed upon use so I think that there will be regular shortages of gems for those people willing to trade gold for them. Due to this there will always be a market for the purchase and sale of gems.  At that point you just play the market.  Buy low and sell them when they are high.  Or if you want to spend a few bucks you could just buy some and trade them for gold, but honestly that would be my final choice.

There really are no shortage of ways to make gold.  Those three I just told you about are going to be the most simplistic that I can think of at this point.  I may append a few more to this post for history sake if I run across any more or I may just make a part two to it.  I don't know at this point.  When the beta is complete we will have some solid numbers to go for you.  In the meantime for all of you casual players just wanting to make a bit of gold when the game launches.  You're welcome.

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