Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The mission for Guild Wars 2 Riches.

Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide
Hello everyone and welcome to Guild Wars Gold Guide.  The site is going to be devoted to making gold and all other forms of currency in Guild Wars 2.  Yesterday I put together an Introduction to the site explaining what it is.  Today I want to highlight what the plans for this site in the future are and where I want to take it.  The plan is to provide tips as often as possible.  Ideally I will be shooting for a Monday thru Friday schedule, but I won't promise anything at this point because there are just too many unknowns right now.  Starting a new blog is always big deal and there is a ton of work that goes into getting a site on its feet.  The endless hours of work only pay off in the long term so I want everyone to know that there is a plan for the site and it is already set in motion as I write this.

These are the goals I currently have set for myself, the site and the guide when it is released:
  1. Provide both useful and relevant strategies for making gold in Guild Wars 2.
  2. Create an interested an active community that shares the same passion that is making gold.
  3. Provide as many networks as needed for players to come together, communicate and develop strategies whether that be Ventrilo, IRC, Skype or any other medium necessary.
  4. Maintain a positive community free of flaming, drama and trolling.
  5. Add a free forums to the site as a major place for people to come together and communicate.
Some of these goals are more of the long term ones as you can tell, but I take each one just as serious as the next.  I feel that each one is vital and necessary to this site becoming what I envision it to be in the months and even years down the road.

I know that right now the site looks a little bare in comparison to some others around and that will be changing in the coming days as we get the site on its feet.  The plan for right now is to get you all set up for Day-1 domination of the economy in Guild Wars 2.  When it finally launches on August 28th you will have the jump on all those other players.  You will hit the ground running and never look back.  From day one you will put your competition on their heels and have them feeling like they are trying to play catch up with you the entire time.

Please continue to visit the site each day to find the latest posts.  As I mentioned the plan is for posts Monday through Friday and possibly on the weekends as well, but no promises.

Thank you everyone,


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