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Making money with Guild Wars 2 crafting disciplines. Picking disciplines that compliment one another.

The primary ways that you will make gold in Guild Wars 2 comes from your crafting disciplines.  Here at Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide I am always trying to find the latest and greatest ways to make you gold using them.  All MMO's have an economy that largely revolves around their crafting professions.  This is because it  is the only aspect of the game that has no limitations to what you can do.  If you play the economy the game never ends.  While people participating in PvE aspect of the game may clear all the content there is no end game for the economy.  So while other players may be bored with the game you are still there supplying players with everything that they want and need.

So how do you make money with your Guild Wars 2 crafting disciplines?

In order to make gold in Guild Wars 2 you will need to pick your professions wisely.  In an ideal scenario you will have all of them across different characters.  With eight different disciplines that means you would need four characters to have them all covered.  Since crafting will likely require you to be of a certain level to be successful that means early on you need to the two that are going to be the most beneficial.  So what are they?  Well first I will show you all the disciplines that the game has.  They are:

Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Artificer, Leatherworker, Jeweler, Chef, Tailor, Huntsman.

When you are picking a discipline you need to decide which ones people will need the most.  The first choices should be a Weaponsmith.  I say this because people can play the game for a little while and not have a certain piece of gear on their character, but no one can play  the game without a weapon.  Then you've got to look at which weapons are being used the most.  Artificers will cover magical weapons; so Foruc, Staves, Scepters and Tridents.  On the other hand a Weaponsmith can craft axes, daggers, greatswords, hammers, maces, shields, spears and swords.  You are covering many more weapons if you go with a Weaponsmith so that could be your first choice.

The thing that I predict already is that many players are going to hop on the Weaponsmith discipline.  Don't let this shy you away from picking it up though.  You just need to get a leg up on them and be ultra competitive when the game launches.

After your first profession it gets more difficult to determine what you should be doing.  What I would do is pick a profession that can help out my own character if I am going to play the game outside of just dominating the economy.  So that means if I were going to be a Soldier class I would want to become an Armorsmith.  It is a profession that will give me a benefit to have and it will also provide other players as well.  As an added bonus I will also have extra information to use when selling items from that profession since I will have a better understanding of what my class is looking for.

The goal is to have professions that are going to compliment what you are playing.  If you are only going to play the economy it really doesn't matter what you pick, but it would be a shame to level something up to 400 and have it be useless for you.  If you are unsure which professions interest you or which ones you think you should be using you can use what I have just taught you to make your decision easier, but ultimately it comes down to your play style.  You don't want to be doing any profession that is a bore to you so choose wisely.

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