Thursday, July 5, 2012

If you've not pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 you should. Betas make excellent research opportunities.

One of the most important things you need to go when making gold in any MMO is to research.  Without research you are just flying blind and stand to lose a pile of gold.  I am trying to do as much of it for you as I can here at Guild Wars Gold Guide, but there is only so much we can do without actually playing the game.  Without being able to play the game we are just shooting in the dark.  When we are able to get beta access to a game we know we are going to play we need to hop on that sort of opportunity.  One of the perks to pre-ordering the game right now is that you are granted access to the beta weekend that is coming up.

As of right now the final beta weekend that we know of is planned for July 20th through the 22nd.  There is no better time to snatch up your pre-order for Guild Wars 2 if you want to make gold when the game launches.  You've still got a bit of time to get it done, but you need to get on it soon.

What should you be looking for when you are testing/playing the Guild Wars 2 beta?

At this point you should be trying to identify markets that may be available.  The economy is non existent in a beta so planning prices for items is nearly impossible.  There are a pile of opportunities that exist in any game and it is just a matter of fishing for them a bit.  Some of the most common exist in the crafting materials part of the economy.  Often times crafting materials are at a disproportionate price to their final product.  This opens up a market for purchasing materials and crafting them into useful pieces of armor that will sell for easy profits.

Your greatest chance for discovering a market is likely to be in those crafting and gathering areas of the game.  It is a little bit annoying to get such generalized explanations for things I'm sure, but right now it is the best we have to go off of since most of us haven't had the opportunity to test out the beta for the game yet.  You can be sure than when I participate in the beta in the coming weeks the flow of information on this site will have many more defined items to go off of.  In the meantime you at least have a direction to look in when  you are able to give the game a go.

If you are convinced to pre-order the game you could take the moment to support this site by purchasing it from Amazom through out banner on the top of the site by the way.  You just click the banner and shop like you would normally and it doesn't cost you any more than normal.

The last thing I would like to cover is also the early access period for the game which also comes with pre-ordering the game.  From what I know you will get up to 72 hours of early access to the live game if you do so.  This is even more important than the beta since it is the full blown game server and you are able to get a major jump on your competition that will be coming in the days following the launch.

As you can tell, from a gold making standpoint, pre-ordering the game is important.  I would take it a step beyond that and say it is crucial to do for not only preparation and research, but for putting yourself in an advantageous position to be competitive with the rest of your server.

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