Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Guild Wars Gold Guide site update. We've added many new features to the site. Be sure to check them out!

In the last 24 hours I have been working tirelessly on the site and I can now report that many of the things I laid out early on are now a part of Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide.  Just this morning I have added a whole bunch of new features to the site.  One of the features I have set up is an email subscription as an added bonus to people who want to become involved with the site.  With that you will receive special strategies to your email that will never appear on the websites.  In addition you will also get exclusive access to my mini-guide that I am developing when I complete it.

8 Tips to Dominate on Day 1 is the small project I have been working on for the past few weeks while reading up on the game in preparation of launching this site.  What it is is 8 of the most important tips I have developed to make gold on day one.  It will springboard you ahead of all your competition and give you an advantage over them.  You get that just for subscribing to receive emails from this site.

Alright so as the title of this posts states I've added a ton of new features to the website.  Not only have I added a new sidebar section entitled External References,but I've also added two other major features to the site that I think you will all find quite useful.

Forums--I have added a forums to the site complete with many different sections such as the different professions as well as a section for both farming, but also gathering.  I am very proud of the forums so far given that I have only had it live for a few hours at this point.  I am so excited to see the community build and become something great in the coming months.  Especially when Guild Wars 2 finally launches on August 28th, 2012.

Edit 8th November - We're moving to a new forum, the existing forum provider has done a number on us.

Chat Rooms--If you are looking for a more immediate answer to that question you've been needing answered you can check out our chat room.  It will be the best hangout for people on the site and will allow for immediate conversation with other members whom are online at the same time as you.

Support Banner--The last item I want to highlight is a little less important to you than it is to this site.  All the wonderful different features this site has, and will have, cost money.  At the moment I am covering them myself because I want this site to be successful, but in the long run I know that I cannot sustain the costs on my own and because of that I have added an Amazon banner to the site.  What this is is essentially an affiliate link for Amazon that is placed on my site.  All you have to do is click on the banner and do your shopping just as you normally would if you were to use Amazon.  It doesn't cost any more and it doesn't do anything except help me keep the lights on for the website.  You go to Amazon and buy your games, movies or anything else you've been wanting and I get a few pennies sent my way to help out with the site.  It is a pretty sweet deal for everyone really.   You would be doing this site a great service if you were cool enough to use it as your clickthru when you go shopping on Amazon.COM.

Those are the latest updates that I have for the site.  I am most proud of the forums and I think it will become a fantastic resource in the coming weeks when Guild Wars 2 is in our hands.  If you would like any other resource to be added to the site feel free to contact me through our Contact Us page located on the top navigation bar of the website.



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