Saturday, July 28, 2012

Guild Wars 2 trading post special Saturday update on incorrect information.

Hello everyone,

I know initially I had said that I won't be writing posts on Saturdays. That is still going to be true, but on rare occasions I may throw one up if I have nothing else going on. In this case the Olympics are boring me to death since there are no good events on and I decided that I should clarify some misinformation that was posted on another blog out there. It pertains to the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post and certain strategies that some believe will work to make gold which are actually physically impossible.

What am I talking about? Well it pertains to another blog that stated you should sell vendor items on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post. One of the things I meant to research during the beta was whether or not you could actually sell vendor purchased gathering tools on the trading post. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to look into it when the time came. The game was just so fun and I had so many things to look into that this flew under the radar and I'd never thought about it until the Monday morning after the beta had Artie shutdowns. At any rate – the strategy that this blog had stated was to buy vendor purchased gathering tools, put them on the auction house and sell them for a markup of 10 times what you could purchase them for at a vendor. This in and of itself isn't a bad idea and I would absolutely suggest you do it, but it's the next part of their strategy that I wanted to set the record straight on.

This is the excerpt of their strategy and how you can make gold with a markup on vendor purchased gathering tools.
"Even though these items can be purchased from a vendor, I predict that you will be able to sell these on the Trading Post for a decent profit. Nothing major, but definitely worth some good coin when you are leveling your first character. Since players can access the Trading Post from anywhere, imagine the following scenario:

Player 1 lists Rough Mining Picks on the Trading Post for 10x the vendor price.
Player 2 uses up their last rough mining pick while farming in the game world. He sees a super rare mining node and has to decide between running back to town for a Rough Mining Pick or buying one from the Trading Post.

Both players benefit from the sale of that Rough Mining Pick! Also look into selling other vendor items like threads that are required to craft discipline recipes."
How many of you after reading that already recognize that this scenario is completely impossible? Those of us who have actually played the game and have a thorough understanding of the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post already know that you can purchase items on the trading post from anywhere in the world. In that sense this strategy is correct. Where the impossibility comes into play is that they would be buying this out of convenience and they would be willing to pay 10 times the vendor price of the item. This is subpar advice based on the fact that anything you purchase on the Guild Wars 2 trading post, whether you purchase it in the world or in town, must be retrieved at the trading post itself.

So the idea that somebody is willing to pay 10 times the vendor price is highly unlikely considering they would be forced to go into a town, which already would contain the vendor selling their item, to pick up whatever they had just purchased on the trading post. When I first decided to correct this misinformation I debated whether or not to add a link to this blog. It may be a bit controversial, but I have decided that I will not do that on the grounds that they are providing inaccurate information. In addition to that the blog writer is writing about making gold in Guild Wars 2 having openly admitted to never playing the game before. Something that I find to be absolutely deplorable.

As you can tell this post doesn't pertain so much to making gold as it does to correcting information that has been put out that is absolutely incorrect. I believe that part of blogging, especially when you're trying to help other people, is getting your information as accurate as you possibly can. When someone admits that they have never played the game before and they get this sort of information incorrect I am more than happy to step up and let people know that it is incorrect – and provide the correct information. If people were to read that and start pricing their items on the basis that they can sell them for convenience at a severe markup they stand to lose money in a big way. I don't want that for any of the fantastic readers of this site so now you know and you got the correct information.

If someone has tested out whether or not you can sell vendor purchase items on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post.  I'd be very grateful if you would pass along the information as to being able to sell vendor purchased items.

I'm not going to make it a habit of calling out other blogs on this site. I strive to keep the community that I'm working on building as drama free as possible; however, I will always make it a point to correct misinformation no matter how basic it is. This is a great example because knowing that you need to go back to a trading post to pick up your items is one of the most basic things to understand when purchasing items on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post.  There really is no excuse for not knowing this considering it is the second line of the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post wiki page.

Thank you for your time everyone and I will talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. I read a few posts on Markco's site. When it comes to GW2 you blow him out of the water. Keep up the good work!

  2. When you buy something from the trade post, you have to go find a black lion merchant to receive the times you buy from the trade. I assume you already discovered this yourself.