Friday, July 13, 2012

Guild Wars 2 overflow servers explained and why they are great for those wanting to make gold.

If you are a fanatic of Guild Wars 2 you've probably heard by now about their overflow server system.  Basically what it does is put on you on a different "overflow server" if your normal server is currently full.  This is great for everyone, but for people who are there to make gold this is fantastic.  What this does is eliminate the need to worry about a server when you do decide to play.  Let me elaborate a bit.  One of the worst things for a gold maker is to log in to a game and have to sit in a queue waiting to get into the game.  This is completely dead time that could have been used for farming, selling or crafting.  Dead time is completely eliminated with the implementation of the overflow servers.

What are overflow servers?
Just a quick little side note for those of you that have no idea what the hell I am talking about when I say overflow servers.  Basically what this is, is a system that ArenaNet have designed to completely eliminate server queues.  For example.  If a server can hold 10,000 people and it reaches its capacity; when you try to log in to the game you are placed on a live, fully playable, server until you are able to be transferred to your server.  They haven't said if you will have to reload of if it will just be switched on the fly, but either way this is a great system.  There you go.  The more you know!

Not only are these servers a great idea, but they also make the decision of what server to join easier.  Well--not easier.  It just makes it a non-issue really.  When I was playing World of Warcraft I chose to go onto a server that had a mid-range population because I knew that when expansions and major patches came around I wouldn't have to sit and watch a number shrink for 45 minutes before I was able to get into the game.  This system eliminates that.  With the waiting period not being a problem I can now head on to a much larger, more populated server.  So what does that mean?  It means that we now have much larger person to person trading markets to work with using the buy/sell requests.  More players to sell to and more players out there to provide the crafting materials that I need to make items to sell.

With a larger economy comes more competition as well.  If you use everything that you are taught on this site and in my FREE GUIDE you will have no trouble competing with other players.  Not only will you be competitive but you can also monopolize entire markets if you play your card right.

Being that we are on a special server, as far as I have heard, I am still curious if posting things on the trading post will be allowed.  I haven't heard any official thing on this and I have been digging around a little bit.  I would think that it will be possible, but I don't want to assume anything and have to eat my words down the road.

Regardless of the trading post question the overflow server system is a genius idea and it eliminates many worries that I have had pertaining to server populations.  When I can focus on what markets to play rather than what server to choose it makes the pre-release research that I have been doing much easier.  Before the overflow servers came around I was more interested in where certain communities where going to be playing and less about making gold.  Thanks to ArenaNets design I can focus all my efforts between now and release on developing new strategies for making gold--which is what this site is all about.

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  1. I am guessing you have not heard all servers share the same trading house?

    1. No I did. I actually wrote this article a little while ago already. I edited it based on what I knew, but missed the part about markets. I've changed it. The server you are on still matters when you are doing person to person trading and that was I wanted to say I just forgot to change that part.

      If you are doing a lot of trading through chat then a more populated server is still better and has a bigger market for you, but you are completely right. When i first wrote this article I had no clue at all. I guess i'm busted :p

      Thank you for the comment.