Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Guild Wars 2 gathering guide.

Gathering in Guild Wars 2 is going to be a primary way to make gold.  This is pretty much a guarantee since crafting materials are a demand in every MMO to be released in the last ten years.  So how does gathering work in Guild Wars 2? I am going to break down the large amount of information that is available for gathering.  It will also be included as a basic information for the Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide when I am ready to release that.

Gathering in Guild Wars 2

First thing to be answered is what are the gathering professions.  Each one focuses on a bit different part of the crafting process.  While they use different names they gathering professions in Guild Wars 2 are similar to what you've seen before.  They are:

  • Foraging
  • Logging
  • Mining

As you would expect they deal in herbs, woods and metals.  With those gathering abilities they covered the main needs for all crafting.   Foraging deals in obtaining the small things like Blueberries, Clams, Garden items and clams.  Logging will have you chasing down the many different saplings across Tyria.  The one that I predict to be the most popular is mining.  All the ores you will be obtaining are the ones you've heard of before.  Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Mithril and Orichalcum.

Durability All your tools have a certain durability.  When that is gone they will break.  Axes and picks have 100 while sickles have 50. As a rough rule 1 hit takes away one durability.  Foraging takes one swing while mining and cutting take 3 swings.  Rich nodes can take up to 10 swings.  It is important to always be aware of your durability.  If you mine something on your last durability you will ruin it and the resource becomes junk.

All the gathering professions provide the much needed crafting materials that other players need to create items for their disciplines.  There are a handful of ways that you will obtain crafting materials.  While going out and getting them yourself if the most sure fire way there are a few others that you can take advantage of. When you get on your feet as a gold maker you may shy away from spending your days farming.

Different ways to obtain crafting materials. (Wiki)

  • Gathering
  • Looting
  • Purchasing
  • Salvaging
  • Crafting
  • Trading
As you become more savvy with your gold making endeavors you will most likely cut down on the amount of self farming that you do.  Shortly after the game launches you are going to run across bots in the game and the prices will start to tumble.  This is just one of the things that happen when bots become a part of the game.  As much as people like to think it wont happen I can guarantee you that botting will not only be a part of Guild Wars 2, but it will be a problem for a while.  NCSoft backed games are notorious for it and Guild Wars 2 is a wildly popular game.

The reason I bring up botting is because that is what will drive you away from farming for yourself.  Most of MMO economies are kept on their feet by bots.  It is the unfortunate truth about any game and Guild Wars 2 is not excluded.  Instead of trying to combat bots it is just easier to report them when you see them, but buy their goods on the trading post.  I wouldn't burn a whole lot of calories on dealing with bots.  Eventually ArenaNet will issue a massive banwave and the issue will die off for a while--but, it always returns.  It is a vicious cycle.

Ok--back to gathering.

You need to find any way that you can to obtain crafting materials as cheap as possible.  If that means personally hiring someone to gather for you to keep you doing something else then that is what you have to do.  Your options are almost endless as long as whatever you are doing is turning you a profit in the end.  5% less profit is often times going to be worth it if you aren't doing the gathering yourself.  There is an age old saying that is true to playing the economy in Guild Wars 2.

"It is better to work smart than it is to work hard."  -Genius

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