Friday, July 20, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Day 1 Beta Impressions.

Hey everybody, this post isn't going to be as much about gold making but more or less just my impressions of the beta so far. Having spent only about five hours and at this point I have to say I am very much impressed with the game. My number one concern was the graphics from all the videos that I've seen. It just seemed a little bit like the graphics weren't as good as some of the other ones I've seen as far as the current generation of massively multi player online games go. I can confidently say now that the videos did not do the game any justice as far as the graphics. I am completely blown away by the way this game looks. It has some incredibly vivid colors and the terrain is just breathtaking. On top of that, the terrain itself just the way it's lain out is fantastic.

As far as the stability of the game goes I am also impressed with that as well. The setup that they chose where the have overflow servers is pretty genius if you ask me. I got a few notifications that had been placed in overflow server based on the server that I was playing on. What was nice about having these pop up was that they weren't intrusive in any way it was just a simple notification where you could click okay or I believe cancel. It didn't take any extra time to do anything there wasn't even a loading screen which was very nice. Now – I understand it is going to be a plethora of issues that need to be fixed before the game launches. That's common with just about any game nowadays. There's a few minor tweaks and glitches here and there that I've run into, but as long as you take the time to let the company know about it blows can have the chance to be fixed by the time the game launches.

I do have a few issues with the game right now. None of which are game breaking if you ask me.  Perhaps my biggest gripe with the game comes with the jumping mechanic. Maybe it has to do with my experience in prior MMO's, most specifically World of Warcraft, but it seems like that jumping animation is incredibly fast.  It seems like you jump up in the air and then you actually shoot back down to the ground which is really strange to me. I did make a point to check a few of the different races to see how it looked with them and I can say that the Charr make the animation look normal. Or at least more normal that is.

As I mentioned earlier I am very impressed with Guild Wars 2 so far. I look forward to testing out the game for the rest of the weekend and experiencing the content as I progress to the game. As I mentioned earlier this morning in my post my main goal, for myself, in testing out this game this weekend is to establish ways to make gold when the game finally launches. I will be putting out a few more updates tomorrow during the day, but I cannot tell you when they will happen because they are pretty spontaneous. I've also been taking a lot of video since the beta went live. In the coming days I will be uploading a lot of the videos to YouTube and putting them in posts on this site.

Stay tuned for all the posts that are coming up in the next 48 hours. Thank you and I hope you guys are enjoying the beta is much as I am!

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