Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guild Wars 2 chat channels should be your greatest asset for making gold.

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In every MMO I've played the number one place that I take advantage of is the chat channels.  More specific the trade chat channel in World of Warcraft.  The equivalent in Guild Wars 2 is the local chat channel.  Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide is a huge supporter of using chat channels to make profits.  There are so many reasons why using in-game chat is almost better than using the different trading posts.  There are numerous advantages that do everything from increase productivity, cut down costs and even building relationships with other players which, if you ask me, is priceless.

The staple reasons why using trade chat come down to the most important thing when making gold.  Everything you do should be done with efficiency in mind.  So how does trade chat make you more efficient?

  • You can negotiate prices!  You are dealing directly with a person that you can convince to sell to you at a lower price.  When you purchase crafting materials or gear on the trading post you don't get that luxury.  If you can get an item for one gold less and you are buying 1,000 of them you just saved yourself 1,000 gold.  This is a huge plus mark in the efficiency category.
  • Cutting down costs.  Whenever you sell anything on the trading post you are giving away 5% of your profits to ArenaNet.  There are fees of gold whenever you sell on the trading post and utilizing local chat you can eliminate that fee.  This is a big deal when you get into the high price items that are selling for hundreds or even thousands of gold.
  • Building business relationships. If you begin dealing with the same people day after day you are building up a relationship with them.  With relationships and friendships people are much more likely to throw you a bone once in a while as long as you don't continually take advantage of them.  So if you can float them a piece of gear for a discount while they are giving you discounted crafting materials this is a great way to increase your profits.
  • Local Chat is full of people looking for instant gratification. People that are using local chat are wanting something then and now.  If you are there to provide them with their needs you are helping them out.  When people want instant gratification they are much more likely to pay more for an item.  The trading post can be accessed from anywhere, but people are going to be hanging out in the cities more often than you would expect.  It is just the nature of MMO's.
  • There are very few deals on the trading post.  When people are selling things on the trading post they are, in most cases, interested in getting as much as they can for their items.  If you are dealing in trade chat people may be doing a selling three for the price of two or something like that.  These are steals as long as the item they are selling can be resold.  You just don't get to see this sort of stuff on the trading post.
There are dozens of other reasons why you should be using local chat.  I do want to clarify and make sure you guys know that I am not telling you to stay away from the trading post all together.  You should be using the local chat as a compliment to what you are already doing.  There are just as many benefits to using the trading post.  Most of which I do not need to explain right now, but the one I will point out is that you are getting a demographic of buyers many many times what you would see in local chat.

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