Friday, July 20, 2012

Guild Wars 2 gem prices. How much are you going to spend on gems?

Well it is just a few hours after the beta has gone live and I want to post a bit of information which those of you who aren't able to play may not know about.  One common question is: What are the prices of gems in Guild Wars 2?

This post wont be that extensive.  I just want to outline the prices of gems when you decide to purchase them.  From what I can tell gems are actually going to be right on par with that of Microsoft Points for those of you which own an Xbox 360.  So when you look at the cost of upgrading your characters bag slots it is around $5 per slot which seems a little bit on the expensive side; however, you have to remember that we aren't paying a monthly subscription.

Gems are already proving to be a hot commodity in the game.  Just watching them get traded by checking the prices every minute or two I can tell that they are moving quickly.  I will keep you updated on this more as the weekend rolls on.  To get back to the price of gems I have to say that I am just a little bit bummed out that they don't offer a discount based on how many gems you purchase.  It would be nice to see the prices drop a few dollars the more you buy, but I have to go back to the fact that we aren't paying for a monthly subscription so it is a bit more understandable.

What are gems trading for in terms of  gold?

Right now gems are trading for 1 Silver per gem.  I have to point out that this is ALWAYS changing so the prices are going to change a ton just over this weekend alone.  I will be tracking the prices as best I can to keep you updated on what you can expect.  Right now it seems like my initial prediction that the prices will be driven into the ground early on is holding true. Right now the plan for the weekend is to hold out until the price of gems drops below 1 silver and than I will purchase as much as I can.  Then hang onto them until the prices go back up.  If they do go back up I will then sell them and see what I can turn for profits.

That is all I've got for you right now.  Please check back often.  I will be posting updates as often as I can this weekend.

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