Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do your research during the beta. This also includes buying gems.

As we are here gearing up for the beta ArenaNet released a bit more information on what we can expect this weekend.  The biggest thing they mentioned was actually old news for most people.  It was announcing that we will be able to test out the Asura and Sylvari characters.  if you are unfamiliar with these classes all you need to know is that the Asura have a character named Zojja and she is voices by Felicia Day.  If you don't know who she is I can't help you sorry.

In addition to the new character classes we are also going to be able to see Brixban Wildlands for the first time.  For me this consists mostly of gather, discovering farms and locating major points of interest for gold making.  I will be trying to compile a list, with locations, of all the farms that I can get around to finding.  Some of them are public information already, but then again everything is public information as some point when the Internet is involved.

Keg Brawling is something that I have to be honest and say I haven't heard of before.  I don't follow every forums on the Internet so it may have been mentioned and slipped through my fingers.  My apologies--I'm human.  At any rate Keg brawling is a mini-game where you are tossing kegs across an icy lake and try to fill up Ale Collectors belonging to your opponents.

Then there are Vistas...  Something I have a hard time getting excited out.  It is a panoramic view of the area that you are in.  This video that ArenaNet linked to pretty much carries the same level of excitement that I have for vistas, but don't take my word for it.

Last bit of non-information pertaining to the beta before I get into the guts of it is additional maps for PvP and expanded World versus World compared to previous beta weekends.

Guild Wars 2 Gem Store

This is the part of the post that gets into the gold making side of things.  You know--the reason which you are likely here for.  They have opened the gem store for the beta which to some may seem a bit strange, but don't worry.  I would actually suggest purchasing some gems this weekend.  Don't go crazy and spend a hundred dollars or anything like that, but spend a few bucks.  I suggest this strictly for research purposes.  Oh yeah--and you get those gems back when the game launches so it's not like you're flushing money down the turlet.  Even though this weekend is just a beta people have spent real money on gems so they aren't going to spend them like they are play money.  They may be a bit more cavalier than they would at launch, but it will still be a good measure of what you can expect at launch.

If you really are against the whole Guild Wars 2 Real-Money Transaction thing you can just wait for my to post my own findings.  I do want to stress that I am just one person so don't take my findings as carved in stone statistics.  Hopefully enough people will purchase gems knowing they will get them back.  If that is so we will get a pretty good cross-section of what to expect on launch day.

The thing you will want to do is track the prices of gems from opening day until the beta shuts down.  The more often you can track them the better off you will be.  Having more data is always best; which I'm sure I didn't need to tell you.

I wasn't able to get into the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend what do I do?

If you weren't able to get into the beta weekend you aren't out of luck.  First I would like to know why the hell you didn't preorder the game since it granted beta access.  I'm joking.  I understand that some people don't go for preorders and that is fine.  If you aren't going to be participating in the beta you can still watch any one of the thousands of live streams that will be going on.  I am still debating whether I will be doing so or not.  It will come down to whether I see a drop in performance or not when I am streaming.  Either way though, if I don't stream you can watch the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch.TV Channel.  There will also be a live stream from the guys as TheTyrianOrder as well.

I will try to publish a streams list on Friday before I get going if I have the time so you can jump around if you like.  No promises though.

That's all folks!   

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