Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bags are, and will always be, the most stable market in Guild Wars 2.

So what should you be selling in Guild Wars 2?  That question is tough to answer without having the game itself to reference and point you in the correct direction, but there are a few items that we already know will sell.  Certain items in the game will not only sell, but they have to sell.  One of the most important must-sell items that is in Guild Wars 2 are bags. If you were asking the question "What should I sell to make easy money?" My answer for you would be bags.

The unique thing about Guild Wars 2 compared to other MMO's is that the crafting of bags isn't limited to one profession which means this market is easier to get into.  Bags are, and always will, be used by every single character in the game.  What other item in the game can you say is used by every person who plays the game?   That is why if you need a fail-safe market this is where you need to go.  The way the game is setup every player will have seven bags.  Three of those slots will have to be purchased with gems.  I will get into gems in a later post since those are going to be another way to rake in serious gold.  The number that matters to you most is seven.  Every character that is created will have seven bag slots and all of them are potential sales for you.

OK--now lets get into the nitty gritty of bags a bit.

The three different disciplines that can craft bags are Armorsmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring.  While they all create bags they do not all create identical bags.  Each of the three disciplines can put different modifiers on their product.  This is great because it will create a demand for certain products that you can create in addition to the constant market that bags already provides.

Already know quite a lot about what it will take to make certain bags.  For instance bags can have different special features to them that are also nice for players to have.  There are five different bag features.  They are  the following:

  • Basic - This is just your normal bag.  
  • Craftsmans's Bag - All crafted material that you pick up is automatically placed here.
  • Invisible bags, pack and safe boxes - This is essentially a safety deposit bag.  When something is placed in this bag it doesn't move, it can't be sold and it doesn't get sorted when you sort your inventory.  This is an awesome idea for alternate gear sets and important items that you may have in your inventory when you are selling items quickly.
  • Oiled Packs - These are your junk bags.  The crap that you pick up will go here.  It is just a nice way to keep the junk/grey items separate from your other stuff.
  • Padded Boxes - These bags automatically sort your weapons and armor that you pick up.

As you can tell all the special feature essentially sorting your stuff for you.  It is a nice feature to have when you are firing through tons of items.  You will no doubt be doing that if you are going to be making gold.

Pricing your bags

Bag sizes are going to be the biggest kicker in pricing points.  Right now the known bag sizes are 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 and 20 Slots.  As they get larger they require materials that are significantly more expensive.  I'm sure you knew that was coming.  Depending on which size bag you want to craft you will need a Rune Of Holding.  There are also different tiers of runes which make it tougher to craft those high end bags--thus why 20 slot bags are going to be much more expensive.

I didn't want to get into too much information when it comes to bags because a lot of it is just spewing up numbers and stuff like that.  It is impossible to nail down profit numbers when I have no economic information to go off of and also I must point out that every server will be different.  The only thing that is set in stone is exactly what I said in the beginning.  Everyone will need bags.

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